How StaffUpApp uses Dropbox Forms to make hiring mobile-friendly

StaffUpApp is a mobile platform that provides staffing firms with custom white-label apps to speed up job-application and onboarding processes.

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How StaffUpApp uses

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Provides mobile-friendly forms for clients

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Creates 98% of custom forms in Dropbox Forms

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Reduces redundancy by auto-filling repeated information on forms

Company Profile

Founded in 2017
Headquartered in Dallas, Texas
Headquartered in Portland, OR

A deeper dive with StaffUpApp

The Challenge

Inefficient forms make the hiring process more frustrating

With almost 70% of applicants using phones instead of computers to apply for jobs, mobile-friendly solutions are crucial for today’s staffing firms.

Despite this trend, most applicant-tracking systems—the systems companies use to hire employees—still use computer-based tools to collect important information about candidates. Seeing an unmet demand for mobile-friendly hiring tools, StaffUpApp CEO Rick Richard created StaffUpApp, a service that makes the hiring process simple on mobile.

StaffUpApp began by building white-label apps for staffing-firm clients, enabling firms to advertise jobs, attract applicants, schedule shifts, manage timesheets, communicate with employees, and more—all within one app.

Rick also sought to fix the inefficient, outdated process of form-filling that burdens many staffing firms. “Every staffing firm wants to attract as many employees or candidates as possible, so getting them onboarded fast is essential. If you take too long in your onboarding or initial application, there's a large drop-off rate,” Rick explains.

When most staffing firms onboard a new hire, the first thing they do is ask the hire to fill out and sign multiple forms. But most of these forms are optimized for computers, not phones. That means new hires who are on the go have to pinch and zoom to decipher text fields and enter information on forms that aren’t meant for small screens.

The sheer volume of documents also slows the completion of forms. When a new hire receives so many forms—employment contract, NDA, W-9, etc.—entering the same information over and over again can feel redundant. The result: Candidates often cut their losses and find another staffing firm to onboard with.

Even if a new hire continues through the slog, having too many forms can lead to mistakes. It’s not uncommon for employees to accidentally leave out routing-number digits, misspell addresses, or skip entering phone numbers. And when a firm catches such mistakes only after the new hire submits documents, the firm spends more time following up with the new hire to correct the errors, delaying the process further.

“You get a single digit of that routing number wrong, and all of a sudden, that worker won't get paid. The worker put it in wrong, but it's very difficult for an established firm to catch it,” Rick says.

Firms also experience a slowdown when it comes to entering new-hire information into their systems. When firms rely on paper forms to onboard employees, that information must be copied over manually. Even dragging and dropping data from a PDF requires time that most firms could be using for much more important tasks—not to mention that manual data entry brings high chances of error.

Rick knew that by solving common form-filling issues, StaffUpApp could offer a valuable service few other staffing applications could—but the company needed the right product to help bring a solution to life.

To jump-start its improved staffing solution, StaffUpApp turned to Dropbox Forms.

Now our clients get their documents completed fast and accurately, and the data they would normally move manually is all done automatically. The efficiencies go up tremendously.

Rick Richard
CEO of StaffUpApp
The Solution

Adaptive mobile forms make hiring fast and easy for clients and candidates

Getting the Dropbox Forms API up and running was the first step in developing StaffUpApp’s improved mobile-form functionality. “The Dropbox Forms API is the basis of our onboarding documents. For an enterprise system like ours, you've got to do a lot more work to interact with the applicant-tracking systems, depending on the size and the number of services you provide to your ultimate end client,” Rick explains. “Having Dropbox Forms in our processes saved us years of building that basis ourselves.”

Reliable and consistent guidance from the Dropbox support team made implementing Dropbox Forms API quick and painless. “The documentation is clean, you get a lot of support, your questions are answered quickly, and it's easy to implement,” Rick says.

Today, StaffUpApp builds 98% of its client forms in Dropbox Forms, so using the API as the foundation for its product has saved time while allowing for more flexibility when building specific forms.

Since implementation, StaffUpApp’s clients have reduced the redundancy associated with filling out complex or monotonous forms. Once a candidate has entered their information, Dropbox Forms automatically populates it in all other forms. Now, candidates don’t have to repeatedly enter the same data, which means they can complete forms more quickly, with less frustration.

StaffUpApp decreases candidate errors using Dropbox Forms, too. Certain rules can be applied to each field, ensuring that information is accurate and complete.

“For example, you can't enter a zip code that's not properly formatted or a routing number less than nine digits... This gives new hires a lot of opportunities to fix things before the firm ever gets that data into their system, and it limits candidates’ mistakes.” Rick explains.

Firms also don’t have to dedicate as much time and effort to manual data entry. With the help of Dropbox Forms, StaffUpApp can organize completed documents in its own system and ultimately deliver the forms to the firms’ applicant-tracking systems. “Clients can manage their process without having to drag and drop into their system from a PDF or deal with the redundancy of sending out a form to a person. The system does all that for them,” Rick says.

With Dropbox Forms, StaffUpApp has improved the hiring and onboarding process for staffing firms, saving them time and increasing their ROI. As Rick explains, “Now our clients get their documents completed fast and accurately, and the data they would normally move manually is all done automatically. So the efficiencies go up tremendously.”

The Results

Dropbox Forms unlocks smooth onboarding and hiring

Easy, hassle-free API integration
Quick implementation of Dropbox Forms meant StaffUpApp provided its clients with mobile form-filling functionality that would have taken at least 12–18 months for StaffUpApp to build.

Seamless, mobile-friendly forms for clients
Forms optimized for mobile devices mean applicants and new hires no longer have to pinch and zoom, making applying and onboarding easy.

StaffUpApp builds 98% of custom forms using Dropbox Forms
Dropbox Forms gives StaffUpApp the flexibility to build forms according to clients’ specific needs.

Form-completion rates for clients increase by 50% to 80%
Pre-filling data on forms saves job candidates from entering their information more than once on multiple forms, boosting the number of forms they complete. “Auto-filling has increased completion rates by 50% to 80% for our clients,” Rick says.

Simplified data entry
Applicant and new-hire data flows seamlessly from StaffUpApp’s system to staffing firms’ applicant-tracking systems, which eliminates most manual data entry and reduces errors.

The Future

What’s next for StaffUpApp?

While StaffUpApp plans to expand, the company will, for the most part, continue to tend to its regions in the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia.

“One of our UK clients also has a Germany-based setup of agencies. So, just by natural evolution, we're going into Germany,” Rick says. “But, generally, we're sticking to the areas that we’re in already, growing in the US, and expanding our functionality as much as we can.”

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StaffUpApp uses Dropbox Forms to make staffing mobile-friendly.
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