How Ingenique uses Dropbox Sign to simplify signing and bolster security

Ingenique Solutions delivers powerful anti–money laundering (AML) and due-diligence solutions that help businesses meet compliance regulations and better manage risk.

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How Ingenique uses Dropbox Sign

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Renewal forms returned 75% faster

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2 mins

Sales and renewal contracts sent in less than two minutes

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Templates help generate 1,000-plus annual contracts

Company Profile

Founded in 2014
Headquarters in Singapore, with offices in Hong Kong and Malaysia
1,000-plus customers worldwide

A deeper dive with Ingenique

The Challenge

When you build software designed to help businesses with anti–money laundering and due diligence, security is your reputation. And no one knows this better than Martin Lim, founder and director of anti–money laundering and due-diligence software company Ingenique Solutions. “I always tell my technical guys: ‘If anything goes wrong with our customer data, we can close shop tomorrow because no one will trust us anymore.’”

Ingenique strives to make the complicated world of compliance as simple as possible for its customers. But balancing secure and trusted processes and keeping customer data safe—and doing it efficiently—is never easy.

One area, however, that Ingenique identified as ripe for improvement in both security and simplicity was its paper-heavy sales and HR workflows.  

At one end, contract creation was slow because each bespoke contract ate up considerable time for staff. When you’re handling over 60 contracts every month, that’s a lot of time.

At the other end of the long-winded creation process, getting an eight-page Ingenique contract signed and returned was confusing, error-prone, and an administrative headache for the sales team. “Some [customers] would sign on the first page and forget the last page. Some would only sign the last page. Some would scan and send a nice PDF file, and some would take a photo on their phone and send it back. Documents would come in all sorts of shapes and sizes. All of this stacked on top of the sales team’s workload. They weren’t really doing sales,” says Martin.

Inefficiency had spilled into HR processes, too. Biannual performance reviews, candidate data consent forms, NDAs, and employment contracts—the company was mired in print-scan-and-return methods that led to a mass of paperwork flying around the office.

For Ingenique, the answer was clear: go digital. But, in such a security-minded industry, email was not the ideal way to send any sort of contract or personal information. So the company went searching for a secure and trusted eSignature tool to protect its reputation and maintain its customers’ trust. After a rigorous hunt, it landed on Dropbox Sign.

“Dropbox Sign has made things much faster for the sales team. They don’t spend much time chasing contracts anymore. We’ve seen about a 75% increase in getting forms back for renewal.”

Martin Lim
Founder and Director, Ingenique
The Solution

To move away from paper-based forms and emailed PDFs, Ingenique took full advantage of all of the Dropbox Sign features and functionality.

First, it set out to improve its contract creation process. Using Dropbox Sign templates, Ingenique created a series of forms tailored to specific industries. This way, all of its sales contracts, service order forms, and renewals required salespeople to only input basic customer details and then hit Send. “We just log in to Dropbox Sign, select the template, and click Send. It’s quite an amazing experience for sending purchase orders to clients. It’s very, very fast—nothing more than two minutes!” exclaims Tan Lee Kiau, senior sales executive at Ingenique.

Dropbox Sign improved the signing experience at the customer end, too.

“It really sped up the process of getting contracts back. We have some clients who are not technically savvy, and they can sign and return contracts really easily,” says Tan Lee Kiau.

Signing is easier because Dropbox Sign adds mandatory signer fields to every document, allowing signers to see exactly what they need to complete. They can’t return a contract without filling in these fields, so nothing is ever missed. “Dropbox Sign has made things much faster for the sales team. They don’t spend much time chasing contracts anymore. We’ve seen about a 75% increase in getting forms back for renewal,” says Martin.

The results didn’t stop with the sales team at Ingenique. Staff now benefit from faster document preparation ahead of performance reviews. Forms can be filled out digitally and returned to HR in a matter of minutes—so there’s no longer a mad rush to arrange a date with the printer.

When it comes to hiring—getting consent to collect a new hire’s data, signing NDAs, and inking employment contracts—it’s all done faster and more securely by using an ISO-certified eSignature tool.

And the best part? With comprehensive audit tracking, encryption, and integration, every document is protected, tracked, and time-stamped—from the moment it’s submitted to when it’s completely signed and secured—so security is neatly embedded into the signing experience, every time. For Ingenique, this does wonders for its security-conscious image. “When we use Dropbox Sign with customers, we’re sending a message that we are doing all we can to be secure,” says Martin.

The Results

Renewal forms are returned 75% faster

After adopting Dropbox Sign, Ingenique says customers are not only signing everywhere they need to in a sales contract or renewal, but they’re also signing and returning them around 75% faster.

A time-saving template for every occasion

Creating over 1,000 contracts manually per year was less than practical. With Dropbox Sign document templates, Ingenique has access to a vast library of custom contracts, sales agreements, and order forms for every industry. The sales team now sends out contracts in less than two minutes—giving them more time to focus on selling.

A trusted tool for bolstering the Ingenique reputation for security

Ingenique is built upon a reputation for secure, trustworthy business. As an ISO-certified vendor, Dropbox Sign helps strengthen security. With full document tracking through a comprehensive audit trail, Ingenique can now easily adhere to ISO 27001 requirements while guaranteeing the safety of its client data at all times.

The Future

What’s next for Ingenique?

After experiencing the wide-ranging business benefits of Dropbox Sign, Ingenique is now advocating its use with an ever-growing base of clients and customers. In the future, Ingenique plans to fit eSignatures into its existing document workflows, with the aim of connecting every aspect of the HR and sales workflows and providing an even more tightly integrated experience for both new hires and clients.

Interested in seeing results like Ingenique?

Dropbox Sign is the easiest way to send, receive, and manage legally binding eSignatures for business. Voted #1 for ease of use by G2, two years in a row, our eSignature solution can make your most important workflows fast, easier, and more secure. Sign up for a free trial today to start digitizing your business.

Ingenique is using Dropbox Sign to simplify signing and supercharge security.
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