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Easy online faxing

Send faxes without a fax machine. With Dropbox Fax, you can send a fax from a computer or mobile device—no need to waste paper using a clunky fax machine. Send your fax online, with all transmissions fully encrypted for your security.

Faxing, evolved

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Confidential and secure

No paper means no sensitive information is potentially exposed. All transmissions are encrypted for your security.

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Set up as many fax numbers and users as needed, and route inbound faxes any way you like. Within minutes, everyone in your organization can send and receive faxes.

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When you receive a fax, it arrives as a PDF. To send a fax, upload the file, enter the fax number or email address, and click Send. That's it. No paper involved.

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Access from anywhere

Send, retrieve, and manage your faxes in the cloud. Dropbox Fax integrates with Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive, and Evernote for your convenience.

Send and receive faxes online

Incoming faxes go directly to your inbox, and outgoing faxes are sent from your computer. No fax machine needed.

Keep your fax number

Your customers can still send faxes to your number the same way they always have. Transfer your number to Dropbox Fax and start receiving faxes electronically, without any downtime or risk of losing faxes. This service is available in the US and Canada.

Scale as you grow

Setup takes less than a minute: no fax machines to hook up, phone companies to deal with, or fax servers to configure. Choose a plan, add your users, and assign fax numbers. Dropbox Fax accommodates almost any volume of faxes, numbers, or users.

Easy and intuitive

Online faxes arrive as PDFs in Dropbox Fax, where you can view, download, and share them—with unlimited file storage.

Sending a fax is just as easy. You can send it to multiple fax numbers at the same time, and even sign and edit the fax electronically.

Frequently asked questions

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