How Dropbox Sign saves time and eliminates errors in HR and Sales

Process Street helps businesses manage recurring work, simplify processes, and boost overall efficiency through no-code workflow automation software.

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How Process Street uses Dropbox Sign

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Provides eSignature functionality to more than 5000+ Process St. customer apps

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30 mins

Saves 30 minutes per template

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Fewer data entry errors

Company Profile

Founded in 2014
Headquartered in San Francisco, California
Offers workflow automation software

A deeper dive with Process Street

The Challenge

Taking workflow automation to the next level

When the world turned to digital tools to replace traditional paper processes like employee onboarding and sales proposals, something unexpected happened: teams had to manage a growing number of tools to complete those processes.

Dipping in and out of different tools wasn’t only time-consuming for employees, it also increased the chance of errors creeping in as employees copied and pasted information like social security numbers, routing numbers, and addresses between tools.

To help, Process Street created its no-code workflow automation platform to help businesses speed up everyday processes. “Every business has a repeatable process that can be made more efficient. That’s what Process Street does,” says Ashley Chain, Director of People and Operations at Process Street.

However, a large number of these processes—such as employee onboarding and preparing sales proposals—involve filling out information and requesting signatures. Process Street was no stranger to using eSignatures for these tasks, but the company’s previous eSignature tool was plagued by a bad interface and lacked the ability to integrate with Process Street’s internal workflows. This meant Process Street had to use a completely siloed tool to sign documents, and the company’s customers faced the same dilemma.

On the HR side, this inefficiency causes slowdowns in job offers, onboarding, and promotions, which can lead to potentially fumbling great candidates.

On the Sales side, getting quotes and closing deals could drag on, causing frustration for prospects and potentially putting sales at risk.

To fix the problem, Process Street went in search of an eSignature solution that would give its team and customers the eSignature functionality to build complete workflows.

And it wasn’t long before Process Street discovered Dropbox Sign.

“By automating the contract drafting process, I save at least 30 minutes every single time when sending an offer letter to a new hire with Dropbox Sign.”

Ashley Chain
Director of People and Operations
The Solution

Dropbox Sign adds frictionless signing functionality to Process Street

Process Street offers Dropbox Sign signature functionality for workflows through Zapier automation.

That way, Process Street and its customers can take advantage of the company’s 800+ workflow templates or create their own workflows to accomplish tasks that require signatures, including onboarding employees, performing background checks, or signing sales contracts. When sending out signature requests, users can simply connect Process Street with their Dropbox Sign accounts through Zapier to build automated signing workflows.

As a testament to its product, Process Street uses the Dropbox Sign eSignature integration in its own internal processes. In the Process Street HR department, Ashley uses the Dropbox Sign Zapier automation to draft and send offer letters to new hires. When a new hire verbally accepts an offer, Ashley starts an automated workflow in Process Street. The new hire’s information is then pulled from the system and populated into the appropriate fields in the Dropbox Sign offer letter template. With the information pre-filled, Ashley can send an official offer letter to a candidate for signature within minutes. “By automating the contract drafting process, I save at least 30 minutes every single time when sending an offer letter to a new hire with Dropbox Sign,” Ashley says.

The lack of double-handling and manually moving information between tools, has been valuable for Process Street beyond just hiring. Its HR and Sales teams have reduced the amount of data entry errors significantly.

“There's no chance of us needing to go back and say, ‘Just kidding, that was the wrong number’. So internally we’re saving time and not feeling stressed about whether something was entered incorrectly,” Ashley explains.

Getting the integration up and running was also easy and straightforward for Process Street. Ashley was able to set up the integration by herself on her first try, and when she had questions, the Dropbox Sign support team was ready to jump in and assist. “I had a question about how my signature was appearing and the support team was super helpful. Their representatives walked me through everything, they were responsive, and they got the issue fixed quickly,” Ashley recalls. “The Sales Department said the same when setting up the Zapier for their sales proposals. We all had really positive experiences with the support team.”

Using the Zapier integration has saved Process Street from the time and effort it would take to build an eSignature tool itself. “Creating something like this ourselves to have within our platform would be a huge undertaking,” Ashley says. “So being able to show our customers that we have this integration set up with our products and it’s easy to set up via Zapier has been a big benefit as well.”

The Results

Dropbox Sign makes signing workflows painless

A plethora of signing possibilities for Process Street customers
Process Street’s customers can add eSignature requests to their workflows by connecting Dropbox Sign and the Process Street platform through Zapier. This means Dropbox Sign can be used in Process Street workflows with 5000+ apps, including Salesforce, which makes for flexible new use cases.

30 minutes saved per contract
Thanks to Dropbox Sign, documents like offer letters or sales proposals can be created, filled out, and sent in just a few minutes.

Fewer data entry errors
Auto-filled data in contracts means that Process Street’s staff and their customers don’t have to worry about making mistakes when drafting documents.

The Future

What’s next for Process Street?

Going forward, Process Street plans on releasing new features and improving current ones based on feedback from customers. With each update, the company hopes to make processes more customized to what its customers need. “We’re working on improving our conditional logic feature and introducing things that we've heard our customers really want, like form data set. Things that can dive deeper into certain processes, and allow customers to customize even more, which is really thrilling and very nerdy. But we're super excited about it.”

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Make drafting contracts and requesting signatures a breeze with Dropbox Sign.
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