PageUp enjoys rapid time to market with streamlined Dropbox Sign implementation

PageUp talent management software enhances HR processes with technology people love to use. From recruitment marketing—including sophisticated content management and candidate relationship management tools—through to recruitment management, onboarding, learning, performance, and best-practice succession planning, every decision is powered by platform-wide analytics.

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How PageUp uses Dropbox Sign

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Bad hiring experiences turn off top talent

For PageUp’s customers, a fast, enjoyable candidate hiring experience is a crucial part of securing top talent in an increasingly competitive environment.


A fast, trustworthy, digitized onboarding experience

Adding eSignature functionality to its product workflows sped up the onboarding process and added an extra layer of trust for new hires.


A single-branded hiring experience

Rapid embedding of ‘Sign and Accept’ capability into its platforms using the Dropbox Sign API let PageUp’s customers experience uninterrupted onboarding within one platform.


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Named one of Australia’s Best Places to Work in 2021
Headquarters in Melbourne, Australia
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A deeper dive with PageUp

The Challenge

Bad candidate experiences risk loss of talent

Competition for talent is fierce. To secure talent in today’s fast-paced, low-attention hiring world, the hiring experience must master two competencies: speed and simplicity.

Moving a candidate from ‘interested’ to ‘hired’ before the competition does is often a matter of how quickly you can get them to sign that offer agreement. Take too long to secure talent and you risk losing them to another company. But it’s also about making the process so simple they don’t second-guess their choice.

The best hiring experiences make the process fast and simple for those doing the hiring, too, explains Dayne Nash, PageUp’s VP of Global Channels.

“Hiring teams need tools that can help them recruit, hire, onboard, and manage new talent quickly and easily. And candidates, they want a consistent, agile, digital-first experience.”

And that’s exactly what PageUp’s platform does by helping businesses around the world find better ways to hire. Its digital-first approach optimizes the entire hiring and talent management lifecycle to focus on the candidate experience.

But while its software was making it easier for hiring teams to integrate enjoyable hiring and onboarding experiences into their businesses, there was still one hitch in its workflows that could improve. “Customers previously had physical signing meetings where candidates needed to go on-site just to sign documents,” explains Dayne.

To improve the hiring experiences of its customers’ candidates, PageUp knew it needed an eSignature solution to provide digital ‘Sign and Accept’ functionality that it could implement fast. After assessing a range of tools with considerations like “What would the final user experience be for its customers?” and “How seamlessly would it integrate with its existing offerings?”, PageUp chose the Dropbox Sign API.

“Customers previously had physical signing meetings where candidates needed to go on-site just to sign documents. The level of convenience Dropbox Sign provides is immeasurable, especially in this climate of physical distancing. This also makes lives easier for candidates, helping them prepare for their roles and skip the physical paperwork.”

Dayne Nash, VP Global Channels
The Solution

A simple switch speeds up hiring

Today’s customers are familiar with eSignature technology—many even request it—and the pandemic has driven digital expectations home with new remote ways of working. This created an eager audience for eSignatures to become part of PageUp’s technology. “There was good market demand. In fact, it became one of our most requested features,” says Dayne.

PageUp knew just going digital wasn’t enough. Bouncing hiring teams or their candidates between different web pages or apps to send or accept job offers was off-putting. It needed a single-platform signing experience. “What’s great about the Dropbox Sign API integration is that our customers don’t have to leave PageUp to set up a signable document. What’s even better is how this impacts the experience that our customer provides to aspiring candidates. They don’t have to leave the PageUp Offer page just to sign the documents,” says Dayne.

With so much demand, the speed at which PageUp could integrate the Dropbox Sign API into its platform was crucial. “Aided by its robust API documentation, we had a small team spend about 8 weeks doing the end-to-end integration work with Dropbox Sign,” explains Dayne. “It was a very simple process.”

The rollout had to be watertight, as any issues with its new 'Sign and Accept' feature could risk losing top talent for PageUp customers. So the ability to build a “test mode” toggle that let the team test in a development environment and mimic a production environment was a huge benefit.

Even so, no integration of a new API is 100% without hiccups. So for the PageUp team, same-day responses provided comfort that help was there when they needed it. “Working with the Dropbox Sign support team was great. But what was really impressive was the regional support we received,” explains Dayne. “Being in Australia, it helped that a regional account manager was available to help us through our queries during and after the integration.”

PageUp can now offer its customers the option of a digitized signing process. “Dropbox Sign helps our customers quickly send and request signatures for offers. In such a competitive talent market, being the first to secure great people can come down to being the fastest to make and sign an offer,” 
Dayne says.

The speed at which PageUp’s customers can create and send documents for signing could not have come at a better time. Even pre-pandemic, the emphasis on hiring experiences and the benefits of good ones (or repercussions of bad ones) were clear. Then throw in a dash of remote work, and independent software vendors like PageUp are vaulting themselves into prime position by offering differentiated experiences for customers and candidates through digital signing. As Dayne says,

“The fact that our customers can enable the eSignature ‘Sign and Accept’ feature simply via an in-app OAuth with their Dropbox Sign account, then set up offer templates straight away, speeds up and streamlines their entire hiring process.”
The Results

Integrated, tested, and fully functional within two months

With detailed, easy-to-follow documentation and a support team at the ready to help with any issues, PageUp’s small team integrated the Dropbox Sign API in two months.

Fast functionality for customers

PageUp customers can integrate eSignatures into their hiring flows in just a few clicks thanks to simple in-app OAuth.

The Future

What’s next for PageUp

PageUp is fast becoming the end-to-end talent management platform every business needs in an increasingly digital-first world. As the pandemic continues to reshape the workplace, PageUp plans to continue to enhance HR processes with technology that HR professionals, candidates, and employees love to use.

Interested in seeing results like PageUp's?

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PageUp is using Dropbox Sign to provide a fast, simple signing experience for job candidates.
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