RVshare Opens the Road to Revenue and Rentals with HelloSign

RVshare is a community-driven RV rental marketplace comprised of independent dealers and private owners who gain immense satisfaction from introducing families everywhere to the joy of the open road. RVshare brings these groups together by providing RV owners with the platform and tools to rent their RV, and families who want to rent an RV with even more options for doing so.

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How RVshare uses HelloSign

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Of revenue is booked only after contracts are signed

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Reduction in dispute resolution time using HelloSign

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Company Profile

Launched in 2013
57% of vacation costs saved by RV sharing
60,000 unique RV Owners Served
Millions of RV renters worldwide

A deeper dive with RVshare

The Challenge

The RVshare platform was launched in 2013 and took off quickly, connecting RV owners with millions of renters across the US and giving owners the ability to select renters and set pricing and availability. The initial process involved owners executing a mostly offline process that depended on a print-sign-scan-fax workflow, required signatures from both owners and renters, and often locked renter data in PDFs.

The service was growing rapidly, as was demand for it to handle payments and offer both insurance and roadside assistance. To enable this growth trajectory RVshare needed a mobile-first solution that they could implement in a couple of days.

“It only takes seconds to fill out our entire rental agreement because, basically, you're just signing it. All the other fields are pre-populated, so it's seamless. I can't stress enough how focused we are on conversion optimization, so to add HelloSign in without seeing any impact at all was great for the business.”

Zach Whitehead
Engineering Lead and Partner, RVshare
The Solution

RVshare did a proof of concept with HelloSign in 2016 for rental agreement contracts. They were later able to integrate, premium brand, and launch it in less than a week. They also evaluated Adobe Sign, but as Zach says, “We could tell that HelloSign gets APIs. I think APIs for some of the other companies were an afterthought. With a small development team, we didn't have time to jump through a bunch of hoops to get acquainted with an API.” - Zach Whitehead

“We wanted a digital transaction management solution to be as integrated as possible, so the premium branding experience was a must. We're highly focused on conversions, and we want to make sure that renters don't have to leave our site. It had be part of our experience for our renters.”
The Results

10X Reduction in Dispute Volume

Since integrating HelloSign into the rental contract agreement process RVshare has replaced all previously editable forms with four pre-built HelloSign templates for owners to execute. In addition, owners can now directly manage all requests, inquiries, and rental contracts giving them 100% visibility into every transaction.

The audit trail HelloSign enables has dramatically lowered the dispute volume. Zach says, “[Dispute volume] has gone down by a factor of 10 because there’s no need to chase paperwork. Accessing contracts is literally just a click of a button from our dashboard.”

Revenue Growth with Zero Maintenance

RVshare has grown tremendously over the last year. In early 2018 they raised 50 million USD in early stage funding. As Zach says “I’m not sure we could have done that without having a really easy-to-use signing checkout process like we have now.”

In the nearly two years RVshare has been working with HelloSign, they’ve grown to approximately 1,000 API calls per month. Their loyalty to HelloSign is also due to the fact that they don’t have to do much maintenance, allowing them to focus on their business. According to Zach, “It’s nice not having to think about that stuff when you’re a startup.”

The Future

Contract Completion in Seconds

With HelloSign, it now only takes seconds for renters to complete the entire agreement because most of the fields are pre-populated and only two signatures are required - one from the owner and one from the renter. This is a great facilitator of repeat business.

Because RVshare offers multiple types of RVs from motorhomes (classes A, B, and C) to towables, they need to offer different rental agreements depending on the vehicle.

Using HelloSign we can dynamically switch template fields so the owners and renters get a custom-tailored agreement. The cool thing is that the template is already filled out with a lot of their information, like name, address, so they really only have to sign and initial, and then they're good to go.” - Zach Whitehead

Expanded Product Offerings and Partner Onboarding

Integrating HelloSign for digital transaction management has enabled RVshare to simultaneously roll out the in-demand integrated insurance solution. Now when a renter signs the legally binding contract, the workflow in HelloSign triggers internal processes that allows the renter to add insurance.

HelloSign has also empowered RVshare to start onboarding partners, such as insurance companies and travel bloggers. “Using HelloSign for partner onboarding was a no-brainer for us because we already had a great experience using the API integration side. It made it easy for partners to get on board with us.” - Zach Whitehead

What’s Next for RVshare?

RVshare has created a disruptive marketplace that is fundamentally changing the way people think about RVs. With a digital transaction management platform at the center of their business, RVshare is looking forward to continuing to grow their existing business with HelloSign in tow.

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