How Dropbox Sign helped Flow Healthcare save $600 per employee for its customers

Flow Healthcare is an all-in-one clinical and admin management software for healthcare teams. Its products streamline workflows and reduce costs throughout onboarding, management, education, and engagement.

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How Flow uses Dropbox Sign

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The healthcare industry has a paperwork epidemic

For Flow’s customers, hiring healthcare providers and sending them to work at hospitals demanded hours of background checks and duplicated paperwork.


A simplified, digitized signing experience

Digitizing the form-filling and signing process sped up the turnaround time for completing important consents and background checks.


Fill once, then auto-populate information

By templating and auto-populating information into duplicate documents using the Dropbox Sign API, Flow reduced healthcare providers’ administrative load and got them into hospitals faster.


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Streamlined workflows that saved Flow’s customers $600 per employee

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Helped reduce administrative time by 50% for Flow’s customer Beam Healthcare

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Implemented by a single developer in just a few weeks

Company Profile

Founded in 2018
Went live in 2020
Headquartered in Madison, Wisconsin, United States

A deeper dive with Flow

The Challenge

Medical employee onboarding is complex

Not only does onboarding new healthcare employees require the usual human resource files like benefits and insurance, there are also clinical files that hold important information like healthcare licenses, clinical experience, ongoing education, monitoring and malpractice. In addition to the usual employer federal and local background checks, there’s another round of extra healthcare-level background checks required.

But the complexity doesn’t end there. For Flow’s customer, Beam Healthcare, a supplier of healthcare providers to remote hospitals and online telemedicine services, hiring healthcare professionals was full of duplicate paper forms that needed completing multiple times. “When Beam hired a provider, they had to fill out an application for the company and run all the appropriate background and reference checks. But then, in order to get this same employee working at 3 or 5 different healthcare facilities, they had to fill out facility specific new employee applications and go through various checks again. You can imagine the administrative burden on the provider and administrative staff to move all this paperwork forward. This archaic process is a point of frustration in clinicians and at times avoid getting credentialed/privileged at multiple facilities. If we want to improve access to care then healthcare must focus on processes besides just producing more providers,” says Sarjoo Patel, CEO of Flow. To make things worse, if this hospital was part of a big institution with satellite clinics, that provider had to fill out the same paperwork and undergo the same background checks for each of those clinics too.

The whole onboarding process forced healthcare professionals to painstakingly fill out the same information again and again—time that could be better spent treating patients. That’s when Flow turned to Dropbox Sign to simplify healthcare paperwork.

“With Flow, we managed to cut $600 per employee and reduce administrative time by 50% for Beam Healthcare. And a lot of it has to do with Dropbox Sign and how it automated a lot of documents for us.”

Sarjoo Patel, CEO, Flow Healthcare
The Solution

Fast, digital, duplicate-free forms

To reduce the number of duplicate forms providers have to complete when working at other hospitals, Flow implemented automated templates using the Dropbox Sign API. As Sarjoo explains, “Once healthcare workers are hired, the real value proposition of Flow and Dropbox Sign for our clients in the healthcare sector is they eliminate the redundancy of documents that need to be filled out. The paper application forms that hospitals need are templated out in Flow. So when a hospital asks for them, they're automatically filled out using the Dropbox Sign API integration which is connected to our database. The provider just reads the document and signs off on it. Once they're onboarded, they don't have to manually fill out additional documents."

But not all medical practices are the same, and that meant Flow’s templates needed flexibility. “Our Dropbox Sign subscription allows Flow’s clients to customize. It lets [Flow users] upload their own PDF documents and add the specific data fields they need. So clients have the ability to customize some of their straightforward documents,” says Chance Hammacher, Full Stack Developer at Flow.

As well as being fast and easy to use, Flow made sure the entire document experience was seamless for its customers. “We were very happy with the embedded form feature that DropboxSign offered. It let us keep all our users on one system while still being secure,” continued Chance. “We went with [Dropbox Sign’s white-labeling] to give our clients a more personalized feeling when they utilize electronic signatures.”

To simplify medical paperwork further, Flow also turned to HelloWorks to automate time-consuming reference checks. “Our main use case for HelloWorks is reference checks. For professional reference checks we send them out either via email or text message to say, ‘Hey, can you please fill out this professional reference for this provider, he or she is applying for this position’,” says Sarjoo.

True to its promise of managing the entire employee lifecycle, Flow also creates templates using HelloWorks that help with internal employment documents. Let's say you want to send an internal document from a revenue system like or W9. Using HelloWorks, Flow has integrated this functionality directly into its platform too.

With so many forms and complex processes to automate, it’d be reasonable to think integrating the Dropbox Sign API into Flow’s platform might take a while. But as Chance says, “The integration didn’t take too long, a few weeks at most with a single developer. The documentation was good. It had clear indications for the workflow we used. We were able to test with ease and troubleshoot all of our problems before we went live with Dropbox Sign.”

The speed of the integration couldn’t have come at a better time for Flow’s customers, especially Beam. During the pandemic, Beam needed to hire and onboard clinicians fast and at scale to build out its telemedicine service. “They needed to hire more staff to help ease the pressure on hospitals,” explained Sarjoo. Thanks to Flow’s quick integration with the Dropbox Sign API, Beam was able to onboard staff as quick as 48 hours.

The Results

Reduce administrative time by 50%

Using the Dropbox Sign API to auto-populate documents and reduce the need for providers to fill in paperwork multiple times helped Flow’s client Beam reduce the time its staff spent on administrative paperwork by 50% and save an estimated $600 per employee.

Happiness for employers and employees

Amy Faust, Business Officer, CPMSM & CPCS says:

“Dropbox Sign has helped [Flow] carry out standard reference and verification checks in a systematic manner. That’s led to faster turnaround times and happier employees because they don’t have to print, fill out, scan, and upload documents. It’s also meant happier employers because documents are easier to read and required fields are filled out the first time.”

Integrated in a few weeks with a single developer

With detailed, easy-to-follow documentation and a support team at the ready to help Flow through any issues, a single Flow developer was able to integrate the Dropbox Sign API in just a few weeks.

The Future

What’s next for Flow

Flow is gaining momentum with medical teams, picking up customers such as Beam Healthcare, Pivotal Health, and CVC Health Care. A paperless company from day one, Flow plans to continue reducing paper-based bottlenecks from the medical world.

Interested in seeing results like Flow?

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Flow is using Dropbox Sign to streamline healthcare employee onboarding and management.
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