250-Year-Old Retailer Goes Into the 21st Century with HelloSign’s API

Founded in 1767, Dagrofa is the only grocery group in Denmark. It employs independent, skilled merchants who give Danes daily food experiences and engage in local communities. The Dagrofa Group operates the MENY, SAVE, My Merchant and Light-Buy chains - in total around 533 stores.

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How Dagrofa uses HelloSign

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The number of combinations possible with one contract in HelloSign

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€17.2 Billion

Annual turnover (2017)

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Company Profile

Headquarters: Ringsted, Denmark
>14,500: Employees across three business segments
250: Years Dagrofa has been in business
55: The number of Dagrofa-owned MENY and SPAR stores

A deeper dive with Dagrofa

The Challenge

Onboarding new employees has always been a cumbersome, dreaded task. The mountains of forms, agreements, and notices that need to be filled out are time consuming and – if filled out manually – can be full of errors once completed.

Now imagine the sheer number of onboarding headaches that happen when your company hires thousands of employees a year. That’s exactly the challenge faced by the Danish grocery wholesaler Dagrofa.

“Contracts are more efficient with almost no errors, they’re completed faster, employees are better onboarded, and overall there are less problems and less paperwork.”

Daniel Avel Lintoiu
Product Owner for Digital Solutions
The Solution

Dagrofa is structured into three business segments: retail, logistics, and food services. Keeping 533 stores and divisions staffed is an incredible feat. With more than 14,500 employees across their three business segments, Dagrofa solved their onboarding headaches by adding HelloSign’s API to their technology stack in 2016.

The company simplifies the onboarding process for their new employees by leveraging HelloSign API features like white-labeling, variable signers, and embedded signing.‍


“Contracts are more efficient with almost no errors, they’re completed faster, employees are better onboarded, and overall there are less problems and less paperwork,” says Daniel Avel Lintoiu, product owner for digital solutions.

The Results

Creates a Simple, Onboarding Journey that Speeds Hiring

‍Dagrofa implemented HelloSign to create an “onboarding journey.” For each new hire, Dagrofa creates a custom employment contract form using their own data from their systems. Then they generate a PDF and send it through HelloSign to retrieve an eSignature from the new employee.

HelloSign’s API callbacks enable Dagrofa to track contract progress and status. Once a contract is signed, two workflows are initiated. An email is automatically generated and sent to the new employee, along with access to e-learning courses and guidebooks.


On the Dagrofa side, a lot happens:


  • A new employee email name is automatically generated in their system.
  • Employee access to the intranet –along with variable rights based on position –is established.
  • An employee profile is created in their databases and salary systems (including salary).
  • A “welcome to the team” email and a schedule for coming days and weeks is sent to the new employee and their manager.
  • An order for a computer and/or phone is made depending on if those fields were activated in their contract.
  • Job specific e-learning is distributed to the employee within variable days of work start based on the personalized onboarding plan

1 Contract, Over 200 Combinations Dramatically Reduces Errors

Prior to having the HelloSign API in their HR onboarding flow, Dagrofa had a lot of contract templates and a squad of HR staff working to edit the specifics as needed for each individual new hire.


Now the average Dagrofa employment contract has between 20-30 fields that can generate over 200 combinations of contracts. Best of all, the employment contract generation isn’t a manual process any longer, saving the Dagrofa HR team time and effort.


"Hellosign was the perfect fit for our needs. The solution is well documented, open to customization, safe and, all in all, a pleasure to work with. Contract quality is much improved and by skipping postage we save a lot of time for our employees."

The addition of HelloSign to Dagrofa’s onboarding flow has had benefits galore, from helping to offload their HR departments’ workload to decreasing the number of mistakes.

The Future

White-labeling Streamlines Onboarding for New Hires

“Hellosign’s white-labeling solution, along with their API, gives us the option to keep our new employees in a familiar environment and to customize the entire employee journey.


We are able to track how far a contract has gone and if there are problems, managers can easily cancel, edit or re-start. It's just a call to the API.”

Achieves Digital Onboarding Leadership

The addition of the HelloSign API gave structure to the employment process and dramatically increased Dagrofa’s economies of scale for hiring new employees. “We managed to create a system that takes our hiring processes to the next level by automating everything from eSignatures and onboarding, to distribution of personalized access credentials, to ordering tech solutions, and job-based e-learning."


As Daniel says, "With the HelloSign API, processes and contracts are more efficient with almost no errors. They're completed faster, employees are better onboarded, better trained, and the advantages are amazing: positive ROI in record time, less paperwork, less hassle, and it's even environmentally friendly."

The streamlining of their hiring process is an integral part of how Dagrofa has positioned themselves as leaders in digital onboarding.

Remember, all of the above doesn’t happen without an eSignature.

What’s Next for DAGROFA?

Dagrofa isn’t stopping at just hiring flows. They have plans to integrate eSignatures into other areas of the business including travel expense flows, continuing their journey to convert manual and analog processes to automated digital ones.

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