Using the Dropbox Sign API Dashboard

Freddy Rangel
July 16, 2015
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Using the Dropbox Sign API Dashboard
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Новий інтерфейс, той же найкращий продукт! HelloSign тепер має назву Dropbox Sign.

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Debugging can be difficult but it can be especially tedious when dealing with a poorly designed third-party API. Trying to figure out what went wrong based on an ad-hoc debugging strategy of trial-and-error calls to an API, callbacks, and logs is bound to ruin your day. 

That’s why we’ve solved this problem for you with our new API Dashboard! The Dropbox Sign API Dashboard is a central resource for you to see your API requests and responses, view the status of your signature requests, and inspect your callbacks for easy troubleshooting and debugging. 

for all Dropbox Sign accounts.

Getting Started With the Dropbox Sign API Dashboard

Let’s start by making a simple call to our API using curl. We’re going to intentionally create a failing signature request under test mode. 

Notice that we’re making this call under test mode and using an incorrect client_id. 

Now let's take a look at the status of our last API call on the API Dashboard:

Note that since the request was made under test mode, we toggled our dashboard to “TEST”. 

Here we can see that our last request resulted in a status 400 which is not what we want. By clicking on that request, we can see more information about what went wrong.

Now we can see a lot more detailed information about the API call. We even have the specific error message which is helpful for debugging. 

Now that we know what our error was, let’s go ahead and fix the problem by adding the correct client_id. 

Here’s what our new request looks like:

We can see our new request and we’re getting a status 200, which is exactly what we want. 

It took us less than 2 minutes to debug our failed API request but saved us hours or even days of development work. Think about how much work it would be to find this information if you had to figure it out based on just your logs. The API Dashboard makes it too easy to debug your API requests without going through all that extra work of figuring it out yourself.

Feel free to visit our API Dashboard at Dropbox Sign API Dashboard.

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