Why you should integrate eSignatures into your CRM workflows

Cory Shrecengost
September 15, 2022
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Why you should integrate eSignatures into your CRM workflows editorial illustration

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In sales, time is money, and faster sales cycles mean faster growth, quicker lead times, and more revenue. But to be productive, you need to arm your sales teams with the right digital tools so they can perform at their best.

Problem is, the average salesperson only spends 36% of their time selling, which stops most sales cycles from ever reaching their full potential. The rest of salespeople's time is taken up by admin, service tasks, and a whole host of other activities that aren’t focused on building relationships with prospects and customers.

A lot of this admin comes in the form of physical contracts and signatures. Printing and sending documents out at scale is slow, which can add days to an otherwise smooth sales cycle.

Thankfully, eSignature tools can integrate directly with your CRM system to eliminate this bottleneck.

Let’s look at why integrating eSignatures with your existing CRM can help your sales teams work faster, smarter, and more efficiently.

Close deals faster

One of the most impactful benefits of an eSignature integration is how neatly it fits into your existing CRM to let you manage, send, and sign key documents from anywhere.

eSignatures help eliminate a lot of the unnecessary touch-points that slow sales cycles down. Instead of swapping between different systems to manually draft, email, and track your documents, you can strike while the iron is hot and send them out straight from your CRM.

This gives your sales team a leg up on the competition with more agility to close sales. Plus, eSignatures give you and your clients the tools to sign documents from anywhere, whether you’re in the office or on the move, you can always stay productive.


We all make mistakes. But sometimes, simple errors can throw deals into jeopardy—causing delays, frustrating clients, and driving up costs. Thankfully, an eSignature solution can help you eliminate these deal-destroying errors.

With Dropbox Sign Templates, you can craft proposals, sales contracts, quotes, invoices, and more with your standard terms and and assumptions built in—so when it’s time to send an agreement out, you only need only fill in the blanks.

Better still, customer information can be automatically pulled directly from a contact’s properties in your CRM, which removes the error-prone work of copying and pasting details and saves you time.

By reducing human error from the equation, you can keep the sales process as smooth as possible for your customers—while letting you turn around contracts in a fraction of the time.

Automate away the pesky admin

Any moment that’s spent drafting contracts, filling in forms, and updating client records is time that’s costing you revenue. So the last thing you need is excessive admin, complicated workflows, and multiple platforms slowing you down.

So why not automate the admin away? By integrating eSignatures into tools, like Salesforce and HubSpot, you can build automated CRM workflows for your most tedious jobs.

Take contract creation. With the Dropbox Sign CRM integration, you can define your typical contract workflows and add a contract distribution step to that workflow to automate the traditionally time-consuming act of sending them out. When a prospect requests a contract, Dropbox Sign can trigger distribution automatically by pre-populating fields in the contract and sending it out for signature.

So, every time you need to send out a new sales contract, you can sit back and let your automated CRM workflows do the work for you. It’s how Symphonic, an independent record distribution company, sends out over 400 automated sales contracts every month.  

Track key documents with ease

There’s nothing worse than losing sight of an important deal. Without visibility over sent contracts, potential leads, and documents, you’re on a wild goose chase trying to keep track of everything that needs signing.

By integrating an eSignature solution into your CRM, however, you can easily keep track of key documents and your sales in motion.

eSignature tools like Dropbox Sign track any action your leads take once they receive your contract— viewing, opening, or signing. And this information is automatically recorded in your CRM, so you always know the status of everything you send out.

Plus, Dropbox Sign has automatic reminders, so rather than tracking and following up on every missing contract, you don’t even have to think about sending out those much-needed reminders.

Accelerate your growth with eSignatures CRM integration

With eSignatures, you can equip your sales teams with the tools they need to eliminate admin, close deals faster, and keep track of what’s important.

Dropbox Sign meets you where you work and neatly integrates with the CRM you’re already using.

Find your favorite tools and add easy-to-use eSignatures in a flash.


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