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Bring the ease of Dropbox Sign to your documents with Microsoft Word eSignatures.

Effortlessly sign and send any Microsoft Word document for electronic signatures with HelloSign, without leaving Word.

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Save time & stay in Word

Sign & send signature requests alongside your documents, without leaving Microsoft Word

Simple and easy to use

Get eSignatures for your document in a few clicks - simply assign signers, prep your document with signature fields and send it off for signature.

More transparency with HelloSign

An Audit Trail is affixed to each signature request to ensure every action is thoroughly tracked and time-stamped. It provides proof of document access, review, and signature.

Send signature requests and sign - directly in Microsoft Word

Start the eSignature flow by selecting “HelloSign” in the Microsoft Ribbon to “Self-Sign” or “Request a Signature”.

Microsoft Word 'send for signature' with HelloSign

Simply add signer names and email address for signature requests.

Example image of adding recipient name and email address in HelloSign

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“The amount of time Dropbox Sign and Dropbox has saved our company is incredible. We’re able to free up hundreds of hours spent on paperwork and file management, allowing us to get creative done faster.”
Matt Seigel,
President, Collier.Simon

Questions about Dropbox Sign for Microsoft Word? We have answers.

Visit our FAQ
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Learn how reusable Dropbox Sign Templates save you time. Prepare your document once; reuse it in seconds. Streamline every signature request with Dropbox Sign Templates.

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