Why the Dropbox Sign Integration for Microsoft SharePoint is a Productivity Game-Changer

Janice Yau
October 12, 2021
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Researchers have found that most professionals only spend an average of one minute and fifteen seconds on a task before an interruption. Even worse, it takes workers up to 25 minutes to pick that task back up again.

At a business level, these disruptions are responsible for a 40% decrease in productivity, which lead to errors that cost the global economy an estimated $450 billion a year.

So what’s the reason for all this context switching? In large part, it’s the myriad of software tools we use every day that force us to constantly switch between different applications to complete simple tasks.

At Dropbox Sign, we’re committed to building agreement workflows in the applications you already use. And it’s why we’re launching this integration for Microsoft SharePoint.

Now, SharePoint users can minimize their context switching and complete their work more effectively.

How Dropbox Sign’s SharePoint integration helps

The Dropbox Sign for SharePoint integration is designed to deliver eSignature functionality that’s efficient, legally binding, and secure, entirely within your SharePoint workflow.

Boost your SharePoint workflow efficiency

With the Dropbox Sign for SharePoint integration, you can minimize distractions and workarounds by adding eSignature functionality directly into your SharePoint site. That means you can access and act on your most important and most-used documents without switching applications.

Even better, with the Dropbox Sign for SharePoint integration, you and your team can:

  • Choose documents directly from SharePoint to send for signature.
  • Access stored template documents within SharePoint to quickly send them out for signature.
  • And choose the folder where the signed document will be saved before it's sent.

As secure as SharePoint

One of SharePoint’s biggest appeals is its enterprise-grade security and compliance capabilities, so any tool that plugs into your SharePoint site needs to be just as secure. That’s why Dropbox Sign uses cutting-edge security measures to protect every document. These include:

  • Direct integration with SharePoint to reduce the number of times you need to move documents between applications, keeping them secure within the SharePoint document library.
  • Audit trails that track and time-stamp every transaction.
  • Two levels of encryption for every document. Each document is encrypted using a unique document encryption key (DEK), then that DEK is then encrypted using a regularly rotated master key.

Dropbox Sign for SharePoint ensures you can send and request signatures from anywhere knowing your documents are protected and secure.

Legally binding by default

In today’s new normal, teams need a way for clients, vendors, and employees to sign documents from a distance. And if that method isn’t legally binding, then it’s useless.

Dropbox Sign's SharePoint integration offers legally binding eSignatures that are recognized around the world. No matter where it’s signed, you get a faster, more efficient way to sign documents than pen and paper without sacrificing legality.

Who is the Dropbox Sign for SharePoint integration for?

IT administrators

If your team organizes all of its important software licenses and purchase orders in SharePoint, this integration makes life a whole lot easier.

Dropbox Sign for SharePoint delivers a quick and cost-efficient eSignature solution that lets you and your team send, sign, and store documents with increased automation. Using the Dropbox Sign integration, you can send out purchase orders and vendor agreements for signature directly from the SharePoint site.

And because Dropbox Sign is integrated into your existing SharePoint actions menu, all files remain securely stored and organized in SharePoint for easy record keeping and version control.

Marketing teams

You’re already using SharePoint to store creative assets, agreements with agencies, and releases. So why not use it to send those agreements and releases out for signature, too? That way SharePoint serves as a central, high-security storage hub for all your marketing operations.

By integrating Dropbox Sign into SharePoint, every time you use someone’s photo in a piece of collateral, you can send out a release form to sign directly from your SharePoint interface.

And for the endless stream of agency agreements, invoices, and scopes of work that need to be signed several times a month, the Dropbox Sign integration lets you quickly send out legally binding eSignatures on documents to agencies for signatures in record time—and keep signed documents organized in one place.

HR teams

You use SharePoint to store HR documents, automate onboarding, and conduct performance evaluations because it’s secure. So why put any of this information at risk by exporting it to another application when sending it out for signature?

With the Dropbox Sign for SharePoint integration, HR teams can receive legally binding signatures on offer letters, onboarding forms, and employee documents directly from their SharePoint site—eliminating the unproductive context switching that comes from toggling between applications. What’s more, because there are no manual steps, it reduces the chances of basic errors slipping in.

Procurement teams

When you’re in charge of submitting, reviewing, and signing purchase orders, it can get messy—especially in a remote environment. That’s why the ability for SharePoint to organize and store your purchase orders is so valuable. But all that goes out the window if you have to export those documents to another application for signing. You end up with multiple versions of the same agreement, risk making errors, and waste time sending documents back and forth.

The Dropbox Sign for SharePoint integration solves this challenge. Rather than switching between separate applications to monitor which purchase orders are up to date and which are in progress, stalled, or completed, you can securely send documents out for signature directly from your SharePoint site. That way, there’s one single source of truth for every procurement document: your SharePoint site.

Make Dropbox Sign’s SharePoint integration your signature move

Dropbox Sign’s SharePoint integration complements all the other ways that Dropbox Sign simplifies your workflows. From Dropbox to Slack to Google applications to API applications, Dropbox Sign is there when you need it, within the tools you already use and love.

So, are you ready to add Dropbox Sign to SharePoint? Schedule a demo now.

Or get more details on Dropbox Sign’s SharePoint integration.

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