Announcing Dropbox Sign for Salesforce CPQ

David Manning
August 8, 2018
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Announcing Dropbox Sign for Salesforce CPQ
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Cambio de imagen, pero ¡el mismo gran producto! HelloSign ahora es Dropbox Sign.

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Here at Dropbox Sign we’re excited to announce our Dropbox Sign for Salesforce CPQ extension.

Salesforce CPQ, formerly known as Steelbrick, helps companies across the world streamline their quote-to-cash process. Dropbox Sign for Salesforce customers already use Dropbox Sign to streamline their signature request process helping close deals faster. It only made sense the two should team-up and create the ultimate quote-to-cash with eSignature process.

Contact our team when you're ready to get started!

How Dropbox Sign for Salesforce CPQ Works

With Dropbox Sign for Salesforce CPQ you can seamlessly integrate Dropbox Sign signatures into your existing CPQ Quotes. Just let us know who needs to sign the quote and we take care of the rest.

We keep track of all your teams signature requests, and can make updates to your quote and opportunity when a quote is signed. Let your team focus on the deal, not the signature. Make your sales team all the more awesome!

And because we leverage Salesforce CPQ functionality our out-of-the-box solution takes minutes to set up. If you’re looking to go above and beyond with a more custom solution we’ve got you covered as well. 

Sound interesting? Get started here!

Benefits of the Integration

We think anyone in the market for a quote-to-cash product or anyone currently using Salesforce CPQ will love the ease of use and seamless integration of Dropbox Sign into the product.

  • Seamless and customizable integration. Insert Dropbox Sign signature fields directly into your out-of-the-box or custom CPQ Quote Templates.
  • Streamlined work. Send documents straight from SFDC’s quote object instead of downloading and then uploading documents for signature.
  • Speedy setup. Don’t let your eSignature solution slow you down. Getting set up and running with Dropbox Sign for Salesforce CPQ is a breeze.

How to Set Up the Integration

Here at Dropbox Sign we want all of our users to be successful – and that includes our Salesforce admins responsible for implementing and maintaining Salesforce CPQ. You’ve already got a lot on your plate so we made the installation and setup of Dropbox Sign for Salesforce CPQ insanely easy.

There are six simple set up steps:

  1. Contact us to add the CPQ extension your Dropbox Sign account
  2. Copy our plugin into the eSignature plugin field in Salesforce CPQ
  3. Add our Dropbox Sign button on the CPQ Quote Template page layout
  4. Define signer roles
  5. Determine where to display signatures in the CPQ Quote
  6. Provision users

For more details take a look at the CPQ setup and configuration sections of our Dropbox Sign for Salesforce Admin Guide.

Ready to Get Started?

We know you and your company will love the ease of use we incorporate into all of our products. Whether you’re implementing Salesforce CPQ or looking to add eSignatures to your current Salesforce implementation, we’ve got the solution you’ll love.

Contact us here to see how Dropbox Sign for Salesforce CPQ might work for you!

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