Introducing the improved Dropbox Sign for HubSpot integration

Janice Yau
July 19, 2022
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New look, same great product! HelloSign is now Dropbox Sign.

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The Dropbox Sign for HubSpot integration allows users to create, sign, track, and save documents for signature directly in HubSpot. Its purpose-built to help salespeople work more efficiently and stay organized throughout the entire sales cycle.

We’ve been quietly working on updates in the background, and we’re incredibly excited to relaunch this HubSpot sales integration with upgraded features and added functionality.

At a glance, the new integration lets you:

  • Send signature requests from Contact, Deal and Company records in HubSpot.
  • See when a contract has been sent, viewed, signed, declined or cancelled from within HubSpot.
  • Create and edit templates directly in HubSpot without needing to switch back to Dropbox Sign.
  • Add HubSpot data to your Dropbox Sign templates that autofill documents with HubSpot record information.
  • Save documents back to HubSpot automatically once they’ve been signed.

Together, HubSpot and Dropbox Sign allow businesses to supercharge their sales process, stay organized, and eliminate friction through one integrated workflow.

"The Dropbox Sign integration in HubSpot helps sales teams save time with an impressive set of features including the ability to create and send Templates for signature directly in HubSpot in addition to automating manual day-to-day tasks such as saving signed contracts where they belong and tracking document status," says Scott Brinker, VP of Ecosystems at HubSpot. "Both HubSpot and Dropbox Sign are uniquely focused on helping small businesses stay organized and close deals faster, so I am thrilled to have this elegant integration available to HubSpot users.”

Let’s take a look at some of the new features in more detail and explore how they help salespeople do more in HubSpot.

Save time with synced, autofilled Templates

If your teams are wasting time with redundant tasks or manual work, they have less time for the important stuff – like nurturing leads, building relationships and closing deals.

With our relaunched integration, your sales teams can create reusable templates for all your frequently used contracts directly in HubSpot. This means you only need to design a contract once, and when your template is built, you can quickly send it out to new customers in a few clicks.

But that’s not all. We’ve also built new functionality that pulls your data directly into the template from your contact’s HubSpot properties. That means all essential information is synced and filled in in your templates automatically – giving reps more time to grow your business and build great relationships with customers.

Manage and send documents directly from HubSpot

Switching between multiple tools, interfaces and platforms creates unnecessary friction and distraction for reps. That’s why we’ve made it possible to manage documents and send them out for signature straight from HubSpot.

Now, you can send off contracts for eSignature from Contact, Deal or Company objects in HubSpot. This tighter integration means that however you’re using HubSpot to chase leads, you always have access to an eSignature integration that lets you react quickly and close deals while they’re hot.

Plus, it’s easy for teams to access the latest information when they need it, because every signed contract is automatically stored straight back in HubSpot’s CRM platform the minute it’s signed. That means you stay organized and reduce the number of tools salespeople switch between during the sales cycle.

Stay productive – keep track of all your sales in motion

Losing track of important documents is a nightmare. Has a contract been sent, viewed, signed, declined, cancelled?

With the upgraded integration, you can check the status of documents out for signature without ever leaving HubSpot. Any action your leads take is automatically recorded and stored on the HubSpot CRM card. This gives you key visibility into all of your sales, so you don’t have to waste time chasing leads for a response.

To make keeping track of contracts even easier, Dropbox Sign also automatically sends reminders for unsigned documents on the 3rd and 7th day—but you can manually send a reminder through HubSpot, too.

Take your sales workflows to the next level

With this HubSpot sales integration, salespeople have everything they need to power better, more streamlined workflows. If you’re already using the integration, you can upgrade now—all previous data won’t be affected.

The best part? The new Dropbox Sign integration with HubSpot is available on all Essentials, Standard, and Premium plans—so you can spend more time growing your business and less time chasing signatures.

Try the integration now.

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