eSignatures in Salesforce: The complete guide to getting started

Cory Shrecengost
September 23, 2022
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eSignatures in Salesforce: The complete guide to getting started editorial illustration
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Salesforce is the go-to CRM platform for many sales teams because it’s a complete platform for managing customer relationships, nurturing leads, and closing deals. And it’s made even better with eSignatures.

An eSignature solution can help accelerate your team’s sales processes by saving reps time with embedded workflows, reusable templates, on-platform signing, and more.  

If you’re looking to integrate eSignatures into Salesforce, then you’re in the right place. We’re sharing all the important parts of getting started with eSignatures—from benefits to integrations.  

The massive upside of eSignatures for Salesforce

Do everything from your CRM

One impactful business benefits of an eSignature Salesforce integration is the ability to manage, send, and sign documents from within the CRM.

Instead of forcing sales execs to switch between different solutions to create contracts and agreements, send them for signature, and get them signed, they can do everything on-platform with no hassle. This not only saves time for salespeople, but it also means you can get deals in front of customers faster—greatly increasing your chances of closing.

Prepare agreements in a flash with templates

For repeatable documents like sales contracts, proposals, and invoices, templates can be a lifesaver. Instead of continually drafting each document from scratch every time you need to send a new contract, you can create contract templates once, then simply fill in your prospect-specific details and send off a new contract in a flash.

Plus, all the important information from Salesforce—like contact name and address—can be populated into each template automatically. This prevents spelling or formatting mistakes from slowing down the sales cycle and removes the manual job of inputting data.

Create low-touch automated sales workflows

Tired of creating contracts and manually sending out contracts? By adding eSignatures to your CRM with a Salesforce integration, you can add powerful automation that takes the admin off your plate.

Simply highlight which workflow you want automated, and you can add contract distribution to send them out for you. The Dropbox Sign integration with Salesforce will trigger distribution automatically by populating each field based on your Salesforce data and then sending each contract out to the relevant party.

When combined with your ready-made templates, you’ll have brand-new, low-touch sales workflows that can send out contracts and agreements the minute new prospects ask for them—and with little effort from your sales team.

Close anywhere, anytime

In sales, a big part of successfully closing a deal is making the process as easy and as friction-free for your prospects as possible.

With an eSignature for Salesforce integration solution, you and your clients can sign contracts from anywhere, at any time, on any device. It’s as easy as opening an email. This gives you and your sales teams unparalleled agility to close deals as soon as they present themselves.

How to integrate eSignatures into Salesforce

Installation and set-up

Dropbox Sign is one of the easiest eSignature solutions to implement. You can install it directly from the Salesforce app exchange. Simply click “get now” and sign in with your account or continue as a guest.

After you’re logged in, you can choose to install Dropbox Sign for Admins, All Users, or Specific Profiles—depending on your individual business needs. Once you’ve made your selection, click ‘approve Third-Party access and you’re done! You’ll be notified as soon as the installation is complete.

Creating a Dropbox Sign account

If you don’t already have a Dropbox Sign account, you can create one in a few minutes from the Dropbox Sign Settings tab. On the Quick Access page or Connect to Dropbox Sign page, you’ll find the Create an Account link.

Connecting Dropbox Sign to Salesforce

From within Salesforce, navigate to the Dropbox Sign settings page and click “Quick Access.” Here, you can either connect an existing Dropbox Sign account or create a new account to gain access.

Adding Dropbox Sign to Salesforce configuration

Once your account is connected, all you need to do to start using Dropbox Sign is configure your layout to display the “Use Dropbox Sign” buttons and gain one-click access to sending documents for signature.

You can add this button to any Opportunity, Lead, Contact, or Account page so routing documents is always a breeze at any part of the sales cycle.

Create templates, configurations, and more

With your Dropbox Sign integration with Salesforce now set up and live, you can create and manage document templates, configure specific settings, set up workflows, and use data to populate contract fields for signature.

The best part? You can do all of this without ever leaving Salesforce. Everything is available from within the CRM.

For more tips on integrating Dropbox Sign and Salesforce, check out our quick start guide.

Get started with eSignatures today

For sales teams, integrating eSignatures into your workflows is a productivity no-brainer. And you can set it up in an afternoon.

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