Announcing Dropbox Forms: Intelligent Document Workflows

Jasmine Castro-Torres
March 27, 2017
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Announcing Dropbox Forms Intelligent Document Workflows
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Produk hebat yang sama dengan wajah baru! HelloSign kini dikenali sebagai Dropbox Sign.

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World, meet Dropbox Forms, Dropbox Sign's answer to complicated workflows and inefficient data collection. 

With Dropbox Forms, you can take any series of documents and transform them into a single, mobile-first flow. Hundreds of document pages or PDFs can be distilled into a short series of smart data fields. Companies now have a better, faster, and smarter way to orchestrate complex workflows and gather data. And their customers enjoy a delightfully easy-to-navigate document workflow. 

Read on to learn more about Dropbox Forms sign-up for a free Dropbox Forms plan here!

Transforming Online Document Workflows

Dropbox Forms reimagines the experience of working with documents online. Each workflow makes documents dynamic, allowing data that was once stuck in PDFs to flow wherever it needs to go. Documents are responsive so it’s easy to work with them on any device.

Complicated workflows are redesigned with conditional logic, data validation, and the ability to plug in APIs for real time look-up. It’s a completely new way to work(flow).

An Idea Brought to Life by Customer Feedback

Dropbox Forms was built upon a foundation of customer feedback and user needs. 

Emil Gallardo, the product manager for Dropbox Forms, shed light on the creation process: 

“While today is super exciting because we get to announce Dropbox Forms, the idea for this product began years ago. It started as a conversation with our customers and evolved as we understood where every existing solution was falling short. There wasn't an intelligent solution that guided users through complex documents, or one that took advantage of the strengths of mobile as a platform, or even one that made the data entered into the documents actionable. Dropbox Forms solves that.” 

It’s a solution built to make our users awesome.

Benefits of Dropbox Forms For Your Company

  • Build workflows quickly and easily with drag-and-drop functionality. It's super simple to build and launch workflows using Dropbox Forms. You don't need to use code and you don't need to be technical. Build your first workflow by signing up for a free plan.
  • Higher completion rates on documents. Dropbox Forms only shows customers the fields and information they need to see. The result is a better user experience, faster time to completion, and overall higher completion rates. One Dropbox Forms customer has already seen their completion rate jump to 96%. Read more of their story here.
  • Data is no longer stuck in static PDFs. Data is funneled directly to your database (or anywhere you’d like it to go), rather than locked away in a PDF. You can send your data exactly where you need and when you need so you can act on it.
  • Greater protection against human-error. Fields come equipped with data validation resulting in fewer errors, and less time dedicated to catching and correcting those errors.
  • Workflows can be supplemented by plugging in other APIs. Dropbox Forms was designed to incorporate other APIs in the workflow. Need the user to enter in an address? We have a Google Maps API integration to make it easy and accurate. Need to do a background check, check a user’s credit score, or collect a payment? Just let us know which integrations you need.

Benefits of Dropbox Forms For Your User

  • Lengthy, complicated workflows are made simple and easy. A guided experience ensures users see the right information at the right time.
  • Repetitive data entry is eliminated. Information previously entered is automatically filled into any identical field.
  • Exceptional UX on any device. Customers are met with a delightful design, whether they’re completing the flow on their desktop, tablet, or mobile device.

Interested in Seeing More? Let Us Show You How Easy Work Can Be

Dropbox Forms is more than just another efficiency upgrade. It’s driving the future of intelligent business. Sign-up for a free Dropbox Forms plan and test it out for yourself!

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