How Dropbox Sign can help your small business excel in a virtual-first world

Cory Shrecengost
April 7, 2022
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How Dropbox Sign can help your small business excel in a virtual-first world editorial illustration
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Produk hebat yang sama dengan wajah baru! HelloSign kini dikenali sebagai Dropbox Sign.

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In a changing environment SMBs have an edge over bigger competitors, with fewer staff to manage, less legacy technology holding them back, and an in-built entrepreneurial approach to new challenges.

But distributed business operations call for better digital systems all round: from hiring new staff to closing sales.

To help, eSignatures offer a versatile and affordable tool that can streamline how your business operates—no home printer and scanner required.

Here’s how Dropbox Sign helps businesses succeed in a digital-first world.


Dropbox Sign takes the hassle out of customer signing

When you offer goods and services online, customers expect the entire buying journey to be online.

With the Dropbox Sign API, you can embed eSignatures directly into your website or app so customers don’t even have to leave your website to sign. Not only does Dropbox make document signing quick and easy for signers, it also means they don’t need to download any special software or log into any platform to sign an agreement. It also means customers can sign on any device from anywhere.

And with custom-branded tools, you can match every contract with your business logo, colors, and fonts.

Dropbox Sign works securely across business functions

When digital is the new standard, you want tools that work across business functions, not point solutions that are restricted to a single process.

Dropbox Sign lets you digitize and templatize the documents your business uses most often. Whether that’s offer letters for hiring, contracts for sales, training forms for new employees, or NDAs for IP protection. If a process requires signing in your business, eSignatures can help.  

Your IT support will like Dropbox Sign too. With SMBs targeted in 43% of cyberattacks, you want to be certain you’re transmitting and storing digital documents safely. Dropbox Sign uses TLS (Transport Layer Security) encryption when transmitting documents, and AES 256-bit encryption when storing them. For added security, Dropbox Sign has built-in audit trails, so you can see who signed a document and when, and confirm nothing’s been tampered with.

It integrates with other SMB tech staples

If you’re already using Gmail, Google Docs, Salesforce, or Slack, you’re in luck! Dropbox Sign has existing integrations with them all and others.

The real magic here is being able to transfer data between your platforms. For instance, you might capture customer data from a contract in your CRM, or pre-fill a contract with client details, ready to send out for signing.

Building a tech stack of tools that integrate and help you work more efficiently is a key element in growing your business and making the most of the new hybrid work model. Deloitte found that digitally advanced small businesses earn twice as much revenue per employee, have four times higher annual revenue growth, and are nearly three times more likely to create jobs.

Dropbox Sign scales with your business

Dropbox Sign is a great tool to help small businesses dial up or down operations as needed. Small businesses from Pigeon Loans and kohlpharma to large enterprises like Instacart, Vivial, and Stack Exchange all use Dropbox Sign to manage their agreement workflows.

Right from the start you’ll get to select the functionality you need based on the number of users, how many signature requests you have per month, how many templates you need, and other features like multiple languages, bulk send, and more. But should these volume requirements change, it’s simple to scale it up or down depending on demand.

Dropbox Sign is quick and easy to set up

All of these eSignature advantages are much less useful if you can’t take advantage of them immediately.

With Dropbox Sign, you can get up and running fast.

Sign up for a free trial in minutes. As soon as you have an account, you’re ready to go.

And if you need the additional functionality that comes with the Dropbox Sign API—like embedded signing and custom branding—integration doesn’t take much longer. With user-friendly documentation, a library of SDKs, and a technical support team behind you, integrating the Dropbox Sign eSignature API only takes an average of 2.5 days.

Just ask Instacart:

“The project was conceived and launched in less than a week. It took one developer less than two days of work to integrate the API.” — Max Mullen, Co-Founder, Instacart.


Digital is here—are you prepared?

As the world skews digital, SMBs are discovering a glaring need to adapt with new digital systems that match customer, employee, and business needs. And Dropbox Sign is leading the way with digital signing.

Businesses worldwide rely on Dropbox Sign to help close sales faster, onboard new staff, and much more. So, why not give it a try?

And to find out more about some of the other digital tools to use with eSignatures as you navigate post-pandemic work, take a look at our e-guide, How small businesses can navigate hybrid work to their advantage.

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