Entrust Reduces Signature Process From 2 Weeks to 1 Day with Dropbox Sign

Entrust Public Accounting Corporation offers professional services in the areas of assurance, advisory, accountancy, tax, corporate secretarial and business process outsourcing to a wide range of businesses in Singapore.

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How Entrust uses Dropbox Sign

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Lengthy financial statements

Both parties need to sign a multitude of documents that can total up to 500 pieces of paper


An efficient, seamless, and eco-friendly signing experience

Signing documents digitally removes all the headaches of printing, mailing, and tracking by hand


Sign from anywhere at any time

With Dropbox Sign, Entrust and their clients can now sign these documents from a device from anywhere in the world at their convenience


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50 page pen-and-paper financial statements moved entirely online

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Reduced 2-week signature process down to 1-Day

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Eliminated Costs of Printing 500 Pieces of PaperPer Transaction

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Launched in 2007
Headquartered in Singapore
Company core values: Excellence, Integrity, Engaging, Responsible

A deeper dive with Entrust


Slow and manual signing processes

2020 introduced a new way of working for many businesses around the world. The traditional 9-5 was replaced with odd working hours, from whichever room at home had the strongest internet connection. In order to stay ahead of this shift, companies had to digitize their workflows faster than ever.

To keep up with the transition to working remotely, Jason Lew, Director and Founder of Entrust Accounting Public Corporation, jumpstarted his firm’s move towards being 100% digital. One of the most critical pieces of this transition was moving away from all the costly, physical paperwork the team dealt with on a daily basis. Printing, signing, scanning, and mailing documents was no longer a viable option, and it needed to evolve in order for the business to continue.

Luckily, Entrust was one step ahead of most accounting firms in Asia. They were already using Dropbox to store their clients’ documents and forms, so adding Dropbox Sign to the mix for their eSignature needs was a simple, intuitive next step to keep their business streamlined in a changed world.

"전자 서명 기능은 전통적인 프로세스에 익숙한 변호사, 전문 기업, 정부 기관에도 깊은 인상을 남겼습니다. 특히 업무 방식의 변화가 수반된 팬데믹 기간에 여러 클라이언트로부터 긍정적인 피드백을 많이 받았죠."

Entrust 설립자 겸 이사, Jason Lew

Easy and mobile-friendly signing

Already a Dropbox user, Entrust was familiar with the product’s ease of use and effectiveness as a collaboration tool. Jason was confident Dropbox Sign wouldn’t be any different and would be just as easy to learn and adopt for his firm. It took the company less than 2 days to understand the system, fully digest it, and implement it into their workflows. The first project Entrust worked on was integrating Dropbox Sign into their signing process for client service agreements. The parties they work with were quickly impressed with easy and efficient electronic signing was.

These client service agreements are lengthy and can require up to 10 sets of 50-page financial statements totaling 500 pieces of paper that need to be signed by both parties. Not only is the manual process of printing and signing time-consuming, but tracking each set of agreements by hand is extremely laborious. For documents that need to be signed outside of Singapore, the entire process, with the additional step of mailing these forms internationally, can take more than two weeks! With Dropbox Sign, Jason’s firm has been able to reduce this process to a single day. Jason explains,

"Dropbox Sign을 사용하면 언제, 어디서든 모바일 장치로 서명할 수 있어 매우 편리합니다. 제 시간과 클라이언트의 시간이 대폭 절약되고, 특히 해외 클라이언트와 계약할 때 무척 유용합니다."

Seeing the quick adoption and positive feedback for eSignature, it was an easy decision for Jason to implement it for internal use as well. Their recruitment process and acceptance letters are now powered by eSignature to ensure smooth and seamless onboarding for their employees. The best part? It was an easy sell to the whole team.

“It was extremely easy to train the team to use Dropbox Sign even for people who aren’t necessarily technically savvy. Plus, my employees love using it.”

2 Week Signature Process Reduced to 1 Day

The previous process of printing, signing, and mailing internationally required up to 2 weeks to be completed. By implementing eSignatures and being able to sign anywhere, anytime, the firm and their clients have been able to drastically reduce the entire process to a single day.

Eliminated Costs of Printing 500 Pieces of Paper Per Transaction

Moving to the eco-friendly method of eSignatures and removing pen and paper from their signing process, Entrust has been able to reduce the costs associated with printing. The firm was ordering paper and ink once a week to keep up with their printing needs. Now, that has been reduced to once a month.

100% Auditable, Even More Secure

Paper forms are not only a headache to monitor manually, but a costly, riskier endeavor when third-party courier services get involved. With Dropbox Sign’s complete audit trail feature, Jason and his employees have been able to monitor their signed documents and are reassured of when and who they’re being signed by. “Our firm is using the audit trail feature tremendously. With it we’re able to check if the signature is genuine and when it’s signed. This is an important protocol for our business. Even more convenient are the built-in reminders that notify parties when a document is awaiting their signature.” explains Jason Lew, Director and Founder of Entrust.


What’s next for Entrust

Already using Dropbox and Dropbox Sign heavily, Entrust plans to move towards being 100% digital in the future, and hopes to influence clients as well as the industry to go digital as well. The accounting industry is still set in its traditional ways, but Entrust’s forward-thinking methods can influence other firms in Singapore to modernize and make their workflows efficient, convenient, and even more secure.

Interested in seeing results like Entrust?

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Entrust is using Dropbox Sign to improve the tax experience of businesses all over Asia.
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