Hubspot document signing: The complete guide to getting started

Cory Shrecengost
February 16, 2023
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新しい名前でも変わらぬ高品質!HelloSign の名称が Dropbox Sign になりました。


eSignature is one of the best tools to out there to improve sales processes, save time, and close deals faster. But it’s even more powerful when integrated with a CRM like HubSpot.

Not only do you gain the seamless, fully digital benefits that come with using eSignatures—like audit trails, real-time tracking, and automatic reminders—but connecting Dropbox Sign to your CRM lets you enjoy these features directly from the HubSpot interface and manage your entire sales workflow in one place.

Below we’ll go over Hubspot document signing, what you get with the Dropbox Sign Hubspot eSignature integration, and how to connect your HubSpot CRM with Dropbox Sign.

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Faster, smoother sending with Templates

Ready to say goodbye to the days of manually preparing, drafting, and creating contracts? Symphonic did, and now with Dropbox Sign for HubSpot, the company has over 60 pre-built templates, sends out more than 400+ signature requests every month, and saves time in the process.

Dropbox Sign gives you the ability to easily turn contracts, NDAs, proposals, and more into ready-to-use templates—so you don’t have to start from scratch every time. And because Dropbox Sign is integrated with the HubSpot CRM, you can upload files, choose who needs to sign, add fields, and send contracts all from within HubSpot.

Plus, the ability to autofill data from your HubSpot CRM into your templates means less data entry work, fewer errors, and more time closing deals.

Automate the entire contract process in one place

While siloed applications may work fine most of the time, they can still cause a slowdown in productivity and lead to unnecessary mistakes.

The Dropbox Sign for HubSpot eSignature integration lets you automate multi-signer signature requests from your CRM. Once the first signer has signed, Dropbox Sign will automatically send a request to the next person, saving your team the hassle of managing the signing process.

What’s more, Dropbox Sign also automatically sends reminders out for unsigned documents, which saves you from having to chase down or manually draft email reminders to unresponsive signees.

Easy HubSpot document signing, tracking, and organization

Tracking signature requests from multiple people is a task no busy professional should stress over. Fortunately, the HubSpot eSignature integration makes tracking signature statuses easy, straightforward, and efficient.

As soon as a request is sent out, the signature status will appear in the Dropbox Sign CRM card in HubSpot. Here, you can keep an eye on who's received, opened, and signed a signature request, as well as who's overdue.

And if you need to reference any HubSpot contracts or documents that have been signed, they’ll be saved to the HubSpot record that the document was created from. This way, all records stay organized and accessible for each member of your team.

How to integrate Dropbox Sign eSignatures into HubSpot

Dropbox Sign アカウントを作成

If you don’t already have a Dropbox Sign account, creating one will only take a few moments.

Already have the Dropbox app installed on your mobile device or computer? You can also create an account by opening the app and clicking Sign Up.

a screenshot of the Dropbox Sign login page

Installing and connecting Dropbox Sign to HubSpot

For this step, it’s best to have a HubSpot Super Admin perform the installation for authorization purposes.

The app marketplace homepage on Hubspot

Start by signing into, then click the store icon next to the search bar and choose App Marketplace.

The Dropbox Sign app marketplace page

From there, search for Dropbox Sign and click Install app on the listing page.

Authorization page on the hubspot app marketplace. This outlines what authorization means and asks allow or deny

A new tab will open where you can enter your Dropbox Sign login information. Then click Accept to give HubSpot access to your Dropbox Sign account.

The "connect app" button on the marketplace

Finish by choosing the HubSpot account you want to connect to and click Connect App to authorize Dropbox Sign access to your HubSpot account.

Getting the most out of the Dropbox Sign + Hubspot eSignature integration

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Creating templates in HubSpot

Start by clicking Actions in the Dropbox Sign CRM card.

From the dropdown, choose Create template, then upload or drag and drop the documents you'd like to use.

Continue on to add your signer roles—you can add up to 20.

Next, drag the fields you want to use from the left sidebar into your document. You can autofill data from your HubSpot records by adding a HubSpot property in the template.

Give the template a title, making sure to include a space after any colons. You can add up to 5 CC recipients and a default message if you'd like.

Finally, hit Save template and click Return to HubSpot.

Autofilling documents with HubSpot records

Navigate to a Contact, Company, or Deal record. Only users with the appropriate object access can use this integration.

Click Actions in the Dropbox Sign CRM card and pick Create template from the dropdown. Note that HubSpot properties are only available when creating a template, not when sending a one-time document.

Continue by selecting the documents you want to add to the template and click Upload file or drag and drop them.

Once they're all added, click Next and then add signer roles.

Then, click Next again and select HubSpot from the dropdown under Signer or data source in the upper left corner

Find the property you want to use in the left sidebar under the Top [object] properties.

Then, drag the property onto your document where you want information to be autofilled. This integration only supports single-line text, multi-line text, number, date picker, datetime, and single checkbox property fields.

When you're done adding fields, hit Next again to give your template a title, including a space after any colons.

Lastly, click Save template and then Return to HubSpot.

Sending a signature request from HubSpot

Go to the Contact, Company or Deal record—only those with the appropriate object access can use this integration.

In the right sidebar, select Send template in the Dropbox Sign CRM card and pick the template you’d like to use.

Add the names and email addresses of your signer roles—if you're sending from their contact record, the name and email address of the first signer will autofill. If you've bought the Qualified eSignature (QES) add-on, you can also choose to Enable Qualified eSignature.  

From here, click Next and review the document carefully to make sure everything looks good. Properties cannot be added or edited from this view, these adjustments can only be made when creating a new template.

Hit Send for signature, then click Return to HubSpot when you’re done.

Start signing faster with Hubspot eSignatures today

Once your Dropbox Sign account is connected, you’ll be all set to begin creating your own templates, filling out contract fields, sending out signatures, and building custom workflows—all within the comfort of your HubSpot CRM.

With just a few minutes of set up, you’ll can start using the HubSpot eSignature integration to streamline your contract process, save time, and gain more peace of mind.


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