Dropbox Sign's New Grouped Check Boxes

Jenna Schlosbon
September 21, 2013
Dropbox Sign's New Grouped Check Boxes

新しい名前でも変わらぬ高品質!HelloSign の名称が Dropbox Sign になりました。


There’s no doubt that building brand new features is exciting. But what about perfecting something that’s pretty good, but not quite “there” yet? This release, we focused on improving some of the features you already love by pushing them a step further.

First, we tackled check boxes. We’ve documented countless requests for “either-or check boxes” or “mandatory check boxes,” so we’ve designed what we’re calling "grouped check boxes."

If you need your signer to check off one or more boxes, you can now draw a dotted line around the boxes you’d like to group, and then set a rule for that group. The rule can be anything from “Must select only 1 box” or “Must select at least 1 box” to “Must select 2-6 boxes,” whatever your form calls for.

New Signature Options

Next, we worked on signature options. You may have noticed that we rolled out the option to restrict your signer’s signature type in our last release. We made it so that you could decide which signature types you’d accept: mouse-drawn, typed, or both. 

But what about the other two signature types Dropbox Sign offers: uploaded signatures and smartphone signatures? 

The option to upload an image of your signature or take a photo of your signature with your smartphone used to only be available for Dropbox Sign users with accounts, which your signers may not have had. This is no longer the case. 

Now you can give your signer all four options if you like, or limit it however you prefer, regardless of whether or not they have a Dropbox Sign account. All you have to do is go to Settings > Business Features > Restrict Signature Types, and select the signature types you accept. 

All the feedback and contributions we get continue to drive what we build and improve, so please keep it coming! We can’t build everything at once; but we do record and consider everything requested.  


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