The HR Automation Toolkit: Essential Tools for a Well-oiled HR Stack

The pandemic started an HR revolution which has had a knock-on effect that’s generated new appetite for technology across HR.

Discover the technologies at the top of the list for modern HR teams.

In this guide, learn how to:

  • Simplify the recruitment process
  • Deliver an onboarding experience that will keep employees around
  • Unlock actionable insights from HR data
  • Improve the entire employee experience
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In this eBook

In this eBook

Preguntas frecuentes

How can I speed up the recruitment process?

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HR tools can streamline and automate the recruitment process further with automated emails, auto-reject questions, and self-service interview scheduling.

What tools can I use to automate hiring?

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Applicant tracking systems like Greenhouse automatically post jobs to job boards, compare job application data, and create a shortlist of suitable candidates based on your hiring criteria.

Why should I use video screening for job applicants?

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Aligning schedules, finding meeting rooms and including multiple members of staff takes up a lot of time. Automating parts of the interview process using video screening is a huge time-saver.

How can I make background checks more efficient?

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Linking your HR and recruitment software with background-check providers can automate the process and speed up your time-to-hire.