Outdoorsy Enables B2B RV Rental Companies to Speed Contract Completion Times with Renters by 50%

Outdoorsy delivers a travel experiences software platform connecting renters with peer-to-peer owners who have underused RVs, campervans, trailers, and utility vehicles and want to make income on their terms. Outdoorsy’s B2B product, Wheelbase, enables professional fleet owners to rent their RVs to quality renters and connect people with the outdoors.

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How Outdoorsy uses HelloSign

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Of B2B platform processes – like rental agreements, insurance, and payments – are now digital

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Speed in the time to complete RV rental agreements

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Company profile

Launched: 2015
$81.5M USD: Funding raised to date
19 million: Miles driven by Outdoorsy customers in 2019 so far
$1,900 USD: Average income for vehicle owners earned over a six-day rental period

A deeper dive with Outdoorsy

The challenge

Outdoorsy launched its B2B product, Wheelbase, to create a marketplace for recreational vehicles and experiential travel. Their goal was to give people easy and economical access to experience the great outdoors and to enable partners (professional RV owners) to use their platform as fleet management software.

“We’re very focused on making things seamless and obtainable for RV owners and renters. In the beginning, our original B2B rental agreement process was paper-based. A typical rental agreement is 10-15 pages so it took the dealers and renters an hour, sometimes more, to complete the vehicle walkthrough and discuss and sign the rental agreement,” says Lucas Scavone, VP of engineering.

To transform the rental process and capitalize on the growing number of millennials demanding a seamless RV rental experience, the Outdoorsy platform needed to become 100% paperless and mobile-first. Lucas says, “We needed to fully digitize our offering and convert into a one-stop shop to give RV owners and renters a superior experience.”

“Using HelloSign, we’ve been able to partner with one of the biggest fleets in Canada, as they require eSignatures to be integrated into the workflow. It’s helped us increase our professional users, open up new business opportunities and revenue streams for us and for them.”

Lucas Scavone
VP of Engineering
The solution

Outdoorsy began the hunt for a digital transaction management solution that would compliment their holistic digital business transformation objectives, which included integrating insurance, payment options, and more professional fleet partners.

“We did look at DocuSign, but because we couldn’t just embed it meant our users would get DocuSign-branded emails. This would have led to huge conversion issues because the website that the user is renting through isn't ours - it’s one of our partners like Sand Highway RV Rentals. We could not have a checkout flow that suddenly took the renter to another website,” says Lucas.

“The HelloSign API met one of our first class requirements – full white labeling. With HelloSign embedded into Wheelbase, our renters and owners are able to complete the entire rental agreement digitally, seamlessly, and fast – entirely within the fleet company’s website,” says Lucas.

The Outdoorsy team was able to integrate the mobile-first HelloSign API into Wheelbase and launch eSignatures in a little more than one week.

The results

100% Online Process is Seamless for Partners and Developers

“By integrating HelloSign into Wheelbase, professional fleet owners no longer need to have a giant file cabinet full of paper rental agreements. They don't shock the renter with a 10-15 page paper document,” adds Lucas.

The integration of eSignatures into Wheelbase was seamless for Outdoorsy developers, too.

“We had the flexibility in HelloSign to be able to integrate through the API. For professional fleet owners, they simply upload their rental agreement, which we send over to HelloSign, and the entire process is streamlined for them from there,” says Lucas.

50% Faster Completion Rates for RV Rental Agreements

“Not everyone knows how to turn on an RV generator or make sure they have enough running water for the entire trip. So there's a big onboarding process for people who are renting for the first time to understand the vehicle specifically.

“With the HelloSign API integrated into Wheelbase, the rental agreement is signed before pickup, which eliminates distractions during the walkthrough and speeds the time it takes by 50%,” says Lucas.

Another benefit of integrating eSignatures into Wheelbase is the improved workforce productivity for Outdoorsy support. “Because renters review and sign the agreement upfront instead of having to do it at the time of pickup, our support volume has greatly decreased,” says Lucas.

The future

Market and Dealer Expansion Fuel Business Growth

eSignature integration was a tipping point for Outdoorsy’s growth. As Lucas explains, “We had some B2B dealers that were not willing to list with us until we integrated eSignatures.

“After we integrated HelloSign we were able to partner with one of the bigger RV dealers in Canada, as they required eSignatures be integrated into the workflow first. It’s also helped us to increase our professional users, open up new business opportunities and revenue streams, and enabled our partners to scale the number and types of vehicles they can offer.”

Complete Visibility into All Rental Agreement Transactions

“Before integrating HelloSign we didn't really have any insight into what was going on. Now with our 100% digital process, we have records of all signed rental agreements giving us complete visibility”, says Lucas.

He adds, “Visibility is huge when you're scaling a company. With the ability to track all rental agreements, we can now optimize our entire process.”

One-stop Shop Improves the Customer Experience

“We’re really big into the vertical integration. For example, we just integrated and launched trip insurance. That, in part with HelloSign, has helped us transform into the one-stop shop our renters demand.

“It now takes mere minutes for a renter to complete the agreement because data is pre-populated using HelloSign’s autofill capability. This also allows our fleet owners to get repeat business with renters because they can leverage a seamless signing experience,” says Lucas.

What’s Next for Outdoorsy?

With the success Outdoorsy has had leveraging HelloSign for their B2B business, they are now planning to integrate eSignatures into the peer-to-peer side. Additionally, says Lucas, “International expansion is a near-term goal. Expanding to include languages like French, Spanish, and German are important to growing our business into European markets.”

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