How Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia accelerated international signing with HelloSign

Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia Group (DJKA group) is a subsidiary of the Japanese trading company Daiichi Jitsugyo Co. Ltd., and has its Asia Headquarter in Singapore (Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia Pte. Ltd).

As an expanding sales and service company, it focuses on supply for industrial facilities and equipment for the industry, coupled with an outstanding service and a global well-developed network.

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How Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia uses HelloSign

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Slow and expensive international signing

Sending paper documents across international borders can take days and cost businesses a pretty penny in courier fees.


A fast and cost-effective signing experience

Sending and signing documents digitally gets contracts signed faster and eliminates document delivery costs.


Sign from anywhere, any time

With HelloSign, Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia’s employees and customers can sign documents from anywhere, speeding up the signing processes.


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Sped up its international signing process

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Eliminated printing and delivery costs

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Reduced document storage and handling costs

Company profile

Headquartered in Singapore
Sales and services provided across 7 countries
Subsidiary of DAIICHI JITSUGYO CO., LTD., which was founded in 1948, Japan

A deeper dive with Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia

The challenge

International signing was a drag

For Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia, sending customer sales quotes, contracts, completion reports, and delivery orders across international borders was a long and slow process.  

But it wasn’t just sales documents slowing things down. Sensitive internal AGM paperwork also required signatures from directors across several countries — Japan, Thailand and more. And these documents were taking days to be signed and returned. Yohei Takahashi, Director at Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia says,

"Our main concern was speed. DJK Group has offices all over the world so it took a long time to get a handwritten signature. For example, our headquarters are in Japan, so we’d have to send original documents there and then wait until the person signs them and sends them back. Even then, recipients were often working from home or away on a domestic business trip. This meant we would have to wait a very long time to get a signature."

This traditional pen and paper process was not only slow but sending documents back and forth cost Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia a small fortune. As Yohei says,

"When we ask for signatures, the documents are usually very important. We needed to use a special logistic company like DHL or OCS but it was very expensive.”

Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia needed a faster, more cost-effective way to send and receive internal and customer-facing documents that suited its international operations. That’s when they turned to HelloSign.

“Before we started using HelloSign, we compared how many envelopes we used monthly, how many documents we printed, and how much we spent sending them overseas. We concluded that HelloSign was worth the subscription cost.”

Yohei Takahashi, Director, Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia
The solution

Fast, borderless digital signatures

To reduce the time for customers and employees to send and sign documents internationally, Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia implemented HelloSign.

With digital eSignature technology onboard, the team no longer had to wait for paper documents to arrive from another country, arrange delivery of the documents to a company, then wait for someone to sign and return them via another delivery service. Now, signees simply receive an email and can sign immediately on their computer or device, saving both parties time.

Additionally, Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia realized huge cost savings across the document-signing process. Hiroki Koumura, HR Leader says,

“When we sent paper documents, we’d use DHL instead of standard airmail because it was more secure. But it was also very expensive. Now we have cut delivery costs by substituting paper documents for digital HelloSign documents. We compared HelloSign to two or three other products. HelloSign’s price and ease-of-use were the best.”

And this ‘ease-of-use’ was especially important to Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia’s successful eSignature implementation. It was critical that Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia’s signers could quickly understand how to respond to signature requests without oversight from the Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia team. Tan Ming Wei, HR Executive explains,

“Sometimes when we would ask somebody to sign a document, we need to explain how the digital signing process works. This would cause anxiety and take time to explain. But with HelloSign, we don't have this challenge because it is a user-friendly product and everyone easily understands how to use it.”

HelloSign has made life easier on the Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia’s team, too. Now they can track documents in real-time, so they know who has signed and who they are still waiting on.

What’s more, because Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia was already a Dropbox customer, the integration between HelloSign and Dropbox took ease-of-use to a whole new level. The HelloSign-Dropbox integration means documents are automatically secured and stored in Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia’s existing folders, so there’s no need to spend time moving documents between the two tools. Hiroki Koumura says,

“With Dropbox, our signed documents are saved automatically in easy-to-access folders. This means finding signed contracts is very convenient for our staff.”
The results

Faster international signing

The previous process of printing, signing, and mailing documents internationally took days. By implementing eSignatures its directors and customers could sign anywhere, anytime. Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia drastically reduced the entire AGM and sales document signing time. Yohei Takahashi, Director at Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia says:

“We can easily track their progress and identify who has not yet signed each document. Even if the signer is on a trip or leaves the office, we can still ask for a signature.”

Eliminated document delivery costs

Removing pen and paper from their signing process, Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia has reduced the associated printing and delivery costs that come with transporting sensitive documents across international borders.

HelloSign-Dropbox integration for automatic document storage

With HelloSign and Dropbox integration, Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia automatically and securely stores every document in its company Dropbox account after it’s been signed — making every document easy to find and saving its team hours of administrative work transferring documents between different systems.

The future

What’s next for Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia?

Already using Dropbox company-wide and HelloSign in its Singapore offices, Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia’s next move is to roll out HelloSign internationally, making the signing processes streamlined across the entire business.

Interested in seeing results like Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia?

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Daiichi Jitsugyo Asia is using HelloSign to save time and resources.
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