How Bizimply delivers a frictionless HR experience for shift-based businesses with Dropbox Sign

Bizimply is an all-in-one workforce management platform that combines payroll, HR, reporting, and more to help frontline managers of shift-based retail, hospitality, and healthcare businesses navigate their day-to-day as smoothly as possible.

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How Bizimply uses Dropbox Sign

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6,000-plus documents signed

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An on-platform signing experience

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Paperless document management for customers

Company profile

Founded in 2014
48 employees
Headquartered in Dublin, with offices in UK and Cairo

A deeper dive with Bizimply

The challenge

The fast-paced worlds of retail and hospitality are hard enough without managing multiple software systems, disconnected tools, and difficult processes. If you’re a frontline manager running a busy business, you can’t afford to slow down—because every wasted moment puts pressure on staff and impacts customers.

To solve the processing problem of shift work, Bizimply combined all of the day-to-day management requirements—like HR, payroll, and reporting—into a single sign-in platform with great success. Today, brands like Costa, Vodafone, and KFC rely on Bizimply’s all-in-one platform to manage every shift.

But there was a problem: Bizimply’s HR function was still mired in manual paper signing. Customers were forced to awkwardly print, sign, and scan documents or find a third-party tool outside of the platform to sign agreements. These disruptive steps didn’t just create bottlenecks and extra hoops for HR managers to jump through—they also went against Bizimply’s all-in-one ethos. “Our goal is to offer an all-in-one management solution. But to achieve that, we have to offer everything with only one sign-in, not 10 different, unrelated ones,” says Elisabeth Schaffalitzky, customer success team lead at Bizimply.

Having identified a gap in its product offering, it became clear that eSignature was the missing piece of the puzzle. Bizimply needed an integrated document-signing solution that fit snugly within its existing platform to provide customers with a one-stop shop for all of their HR, operations, and management requirements.

“Everything is now paperless for our customers. From signing contracts to employee onboarding, signing can all be done online, and it’s this simplicity and easy access that our customers love.“

Elisabeth Schaffalitzky
Customer Success Team Lead at Bizimply
The solution

To create a truly all-in-one signing experience, Bizimply integrated the Dropbox Sign eSignature API. It not only offers an intuitive way for customers to sign, but also works in harmony with Bizimply’s other tools to provide them with a complete on-platform hiring experience. “Thankfully, Dropbox Sign fits seamlessly into our platform, so we could provide the eSignature functionality we needed for a more complete product, and without any extra baggage holding us back,” explains Elisabeth.

The Dropbox Sign API also delivered functionality beyond just signing for Bizimply’s customers. With clear tracking and reminders, Dropbox Sign has given them peace of mind that contracts were reaching the right people.

“It’s removed uncertainty and anxiety for HR managers, as it gives them the ability to see what’s happening across the entire hiring process—and this reassurance is a big selling point,” explains Elisabeth.

Integrating a new tool into an already established system can be challenging, but thanks to the Dropbox Sign API documentation and dedicated customer support, implementation has been a breeze. As Elisabeth explains: “The API documentation was incredibly detailed. All the information was there, it was clear and straightforward to understand, and Dropbox Sign was always on hand to support us—so our developer got us up and running in no time.”

With eSignature now an integral part of Bizimply’s product suite, many customers have made the leap to completely paperless processes. Customers can sign, send, and store documents straight to their account, which has simplified signing for all users— whether tech savvy or not.

The results

Tightly integrated document signing

The Dropbox Sign API is neatly embedded in Bizimply’s existing solution, so instead of juggling multiple tools and sign-ins, customers can do everything from the comfort of the platform they know inside out. “We wanted to make sure we weren’t creating any extra friction for our customers,” says Elisabeth. “Thankfully, Dropbox Sign integration means that we can provide everything in one place, so our customers aren’t chasing around, looking in different places to run their business.”

A complete, paperless HR experience

By implementing an intuitive eSignature solution in its platform, Bizimply has empowered its customers to ditch paper and embrace a faster, more secure signing experience. Now, Bizimply has a more complete product offering that makes hiring, onboarding, and employee management easier for its growing customer base. “Dropbox Sign has helped our customers completely remove the paper, scanning, and upload process. Everything is more streamlined—it’s as simple as having the documents available, sending them where they need to go, and waiting for a signature to come back,” explains Elisabeth.

Widespread customer adoption

After Bizimply added Dropbox Sign to its product suite, customers were quick to take advantage of the extra functionality—saving time, reducing paperwork, and adding flexible signing to their existing workflows. “Since January, we’ve had over 6,000 eSignatures with our customers,” says Elisabeth. “The feedback we’ve had is great—manual processes have been eliminated, turnaround is faster, and improved visibility has removed a lot of the uncertainty that comes with tracking and managing paperwork.”

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The future

What’s next for Bizimply?

With the Dropbox Sign eSignature API as a core part of Bizimply’s product offering, the company is now encouraging more of its customers to use it and reap the rewards of an on-platform, paperless signing experience.

Bizimply hopes to further its use of Dropbox Sign by adding the capacity for customers to send out contracts en masse.“We're looking forward to expanding and moving into bigger things over the next few months,” says Elisabeth. “The next stage with Dropbox Sign is to ramp up our capacity so we can manage a higher volume of contracts that are being sent out by our customers.“

Interested in seeing results like Bizimply?

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Bizimply uses Dropbox Sign to deliver an on-platform signing experience for its customers.
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