Amenify closes sales 33% faster using HelloSign for Salesforce

Amenify is a platform that manages amenity services for multifamily portfolios across the US. They work with premier local and national partners to deliver high-end services like home cleaning, pet care, fitness, and brand partnerships to unlock the value of the real estate community.

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How Amenify uses HelloSign for Salesforce

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Faster time to close sales with HelloSign for Salesforce CPQ

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Faster time to revenue recognition

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Company profile

Launched in 2016
1,000+ properties under contract
24/7 contracts can be signed anytime, anywhere
15 markets served since integrating HelloSign for Salesforce

A deeper dive with Amenify

The challenge

Amenify is a B2B network that was created to streamline contract management between multi-family properties and in-home service providers. But managing multi-sided contracts in their relational database was challenging, as the industry turnover requires them to update contracts frequently, changing variables like address, pricing, shipping, and billing. To scale their client portfolios, they needed a digital transaction management solution to facilitate dynamic contract updates.

“At the beginning of 2018 we only had a handful of properties that were live in our platform, and we quickly realized that client onboarding and contract management was a bottleneck,” shared Amenify CEO Everett Lynn.

"It used to take about four weeks to get revenue-generating documents signed and completed. Now using Dropbox Sign for Salesforce CPQ we get signed documents back 33% faster"

Everett Lynn
The solution

Amenify needed eSignature software that could integrate into Salesforce CPQ and allow them to create, edit, and delete contract templates without having to leave Salesforce or toggle between multiple software solutions.

“We were manually using DocuSign for eSignatures, but template creation takes you out of Salesforce to,” says Everett.

The disjointed experience was far from ideal and didn’t provide a great experience for sellers or signers. They found the answer to this challenge in HelloSign.

“We saw that HelloSign integrated more easily into our technology stack. HelloSign is “mobile-first” and because we need to enable property managers and service providers to sign contracts and addendums on their phone 24x7, we found it to be a better fit,” says Everett.

With HelloSign for Salesforce, Amenify can send master service agreement contracts for eSignature to property owners and their in-home service provider network directly from Salesforce in just a few clicks. They no longer have to toggle between their customer relationship management (CRM) and their eSignature solution.

The results

Closing Sales 33% Faster

“It used to take about four weeks to get revenue-generating documents signed and completed. Now by sending the contracts out for eSignature from Salesforce using HelloSign for Salesforce CPQ we get signed documents back 33% faster,” says Everett.

The built in reporting capability allows Amenify to see see closed-won status much more clearly, as they have visibility into the number of documents that are awaiting signature. This helps them significantly reduce the number of days sales are outstanding.

25% Faster Time to Revenue Recognition

“Contracts are now more easily audited from our internal database, which streamlines our billing. We’re processing accounts receivable 25% faster than before because we can quickly pull up a contract and follow up with clients immediately.

“The ability to collect income faster was enabled by the fact that we set up our master service agreement contracts with Salesforce CPQ and HelloSign,” adds Everett.

The future

Speeds Time to Market by 2 Months

“Before integrating HelloSign for Salesforce CPQ into the Amenify platform, internal resources would have to manually update contract variables. The combination of Salesforce CPQ and HelloSign automates this process, and allows us to get contracts updated and signed two months faster than before. It eliminates manual data entry and risk of errors,” says Everett.

HelloSign’s ability to enable Amenify to auto-populate high volume documents (pre-fill documents with Salesforce data using templates and merge fields) is a big facilitator of the faster time to market.

6X Growth in Live Markets Served

“HelloSign for Salesforce CPQ is great at speed, which helps Amenify. We’re growing so rapidly that we wouldn't be able to fulfill on the hundreds of properties in each client's portfolio without it.

“We went from being live in one or two markets to being live in 15 markets,” says Everett.

What’s Next for Amenify?

“We're laser-focused on bolstering our client and resident experience by leveraging technology, which will allow us to scale nationally this year. HelloSign for Salesforce CPQ will enable us to fulfill on national portfolios with thousands of properties that have signed up for Amenify.

The contracts that we're signing with partners nationwide will help us build out an exceptional resident experience by turning people’s homes into something they love - a personalized environment where services come to them,” adds Everett.

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