Why Dropbox Sign is Perfect for the SMB

Sarah Gabot
October 1, 2017
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New look, same great product! HelloSign is now Dropbox Sign.

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We’ve seen Dropbox Sign grow aggressively over the last few years–expanding from serving individuals just needing to sign a document to Enterprise companies deploying an eSignature solution across the company.

There’s one spot where Dropbox Sign always hits a homerun. That’s Dropbox Sign for Small and Medium businesses. (If you haven’t already heard, we’ve launched for Salesforce’s SMB edition called “Essentials”!)

It’s no accident that Dropbox Sign fits like a glove for the SMB –we’ve spent years combining eSignature functionality with straight-forward and easy-to-use technology that’s geared for business processes.

Here are the reasons why Dropbox Sign is perfect for small and medium businesses:

The perfect balance of features without unnecessary bells and whistles.

Complicated software can have a low adoption rate, can confuse people, and can sometimes be completely unnecessary. Why should a small company pay for expensive software that has features that you would never use?

That’s why Dropbox Sign is perfect for SMB--we’ve only built in features and functionalities that users actually want and need:

  • We have integrations with tools that you already love like Gmail, Google Docs, Salesforce, and Oracle
  • Templates save you time and energy when you need to send the same document over and over
  • Data validation helps you avoid typos and bad data from being submitted
  • Changing signer order is a simple drag-and-drop. You don’t have to send your document multiple times to get the correct signature order.
  • And much more!

Cost effective plans for small businesses.

Even though Dropbox Sign strives to be fit for companies of all sizes, we’re also dedicated to making an eSignature solution that doesn’t break the bank. We have pricing that can satisfy the needs of a small mom and pop shop and features that will help the largest enterprises.

Check out our pricing page to find out what plan is the best for your small business.

An easy-to-use interface means a smooth experience for both you and signers.

When you have easy-to-use software for both users and signers, the company tremendously benefits.

Here’s how:

  • Get crucial business documents set up in no time
  • Receive those documents back quickly and close contracts or complete important business agreements faster
  • Offer your signers a stress-free signing experience–they’ll waste very little time figuring out how to use our product

We’ve won awards for it.

We were given the G2 Crowd award for being the number one eSignature solution for SMB. Users and customers voted us to first place! If that doesn’t tell you we’re great for the SMB, I don’t know what will!

Interested in getting a plan for your small business?

Head over to our pricing page to find a plan that best fits your business needs.

If you’re looking for the best Sales CRM and eSignature combination for your business, look no further than Dropbox Sign for Salesforce Essentials edition. It’s perfect for small companies or businesses just getting started. 

Give it a try!

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