A native eSignature tool for Dropbox, powered by Dropbox Sign

Cory Shrecengost
15 April 2022
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New look, same great product! HelloSign is now Dropbox Sign.

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Could the way you send and sign documents be putting undue strain on your business and your client relationships?  

Think about how much time and effort goes into signing if you:

  • print documents, find an envelope and stamp, and trudge to the post office.
  • attach documents to emails and hope your client has a printer or the software to sign.
  • upload documents to an eSignature tool, fix your broken formatting and send them out.

But these broken signing workflows don’t just waste your time; they also transfer the frustration to your clients.

Every time you ask a client to sign, they have to print, sign and post your document; or print, sign, scan and email; or create a new account and navigate clunky third-party software. It’s a recipe for missing documents, and delays, and frustration.

Dropbox’s eSignature solution, powered by Dropbox Sign, makes signing a happier experience on both sides, so you can use eSignatures directly within your Dropbox interface. You can execute entire signing workflows – preparing, sending, signing, tracking and storing documents – completely from Dropbox without ever switching platforms, tabs or tools. One workspace for all your documents. Imagine that.

And that means some serious improvements for your clients, productivity and security. Here’s how Dropbox’s eSignature tool can help you work smarter, faster and more securely:

It’s more client-centric

If you’re forcing clients to download email attachments or print-sign-scan paper documents, you’re making it harder for them to work with you – not to mention delaying your document’s return.

When you send documents for signature directly from your Dropbox account, signers don’t need any additional tools to sign those documents. Instead, they’re presented with an intuitive process that walks them through instantly signing and returning your document – from anywhere and on any device. And to make signing even easier, clients don’t even need to make a Dropbox account to sign documents, they just follow the prompts and they’re done.

It’s more productive

Today, people are juggling more tools, applications and software than ever before, and that’s not a good thing – 37% of workers feel they have too many digital tools to manage.

With native eSignatures baked right into Dropbox, you get all the workflow-accelerating functionality of Dropbox Sign without ever switching tools, tabs or windows. You and your team can:

  • Create and edit reusable templates to prepare and send documents in a flash.
  • Track documents throughout the entire signing lifecycle and set automatic follow-up emails so no document ever falls through the cracks.
  • Automatically store and organise your signed documents within Dropbox, minimising tedious manual work.

With Dropbox Sign, contracts are signed up to 80% faster than traditional paper-based contracts, and sales teams that leverage eSignatures improve their performance to quota by 45% versus the average sales team.

It’s more secure

We know your documents are important, so we’re here to protect your sensitive data. eSigning directly from Dropbox makes signing even safer and more secure than shifting files between different tools.

Managing all your document preparation, sending, signing, tracking and storage all within one Dropbox workflow means your sensitive documents never leave our multi-level document encryption storage, so there’s no chance they slip into the wrong hands.

Plus, because eSignatures in Dropbox are powered by Dropbox Sign, every signature request comes with a comprehensive, tamper-proof audit trail between signing parties, so you have a record of every person who received a request, and when each signer signed.

Make Dropbox your signature move

Why add extra tools, applications and software when you get all the eSignature functionality you need with the tools you already use and love? Dropbox Sign-powered eSignatures in Dropbox are your one-stop shop for signing, sending, tracking and saving your critical documents.

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