How eSignature APIs Refine Your Workflows for Maximum Growth

Angela Wong
December 29, 2021
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When you’re starting a business, things are often done on an easiest-fix basis. There’s no time to figure out the best way to do something, instead it’s about making something work right now.

And for anyone starting out, this is the right approach. But as a business grows, those right-now solutions don’t work as well as they used to.

Either they break down entirely or worse they add insidious friction to your processes.

We’re talking about the type of friction that slows down customer transactions, chews up your team's time, and ultimately lowers your business’ growth trajectory.

At this point, it’s worth taking a deeper look at your processes to discover where they’re hurting and, more importantly, where you can reengineer them. And one of the biggest frictions scaling businesses discover is the pain of inefficient document management and signing.

But it doesn’t have to be like this. eSignature APIs are the fastest paths to eliminating this friction and freeing you to chase greater growth. Here’s how eSignature APIs are helping businesses reach greater growth in our new digital landscape.

Template sales and HR documents into productivity

If you’ve ever worked in a sales or HR team that manages documents at scale, you know there’s a lot of repetition. Filling out personal details like name and address must be done manually, which takes an age and is incredibly dull.    

But with eSignature tools, teams can streamline this process by turning frequently used documents into digital templates. That way, rather than wasting time repeatedly preparing a document for signature, teams prepare your documents once, then reuse them again and again in seconds.

This is perfect for high-volume documents that are sent to different recipients frequently — legal agreements like NDAs, tax forms such as W2s and 1099s, HR Paperwork including employee handbooks and codes of conduct, and, of course, sales contracts.

Now the idea of templates isn’t new by any means. But when they’re combined with APIs, they become a whole lot more effective. With eSignature APIs, you can mail merge entire contact databases to automatically fill out fields in your templates, like names and addresses, instantly creating personalized documents at scale.

Even better, API-powered eSignature solutions can send out thousands of personalized contracts in seconds using a single API call.

With eSignature APIs at their fingertips, your sales and HR teams spend less time shuffling papers and more time closing deals and finding the right employees.

Automatically track documents so your teams don’t have to

Just because documents are sent for signature doesn’t mean the process is done. There’s still the all-too-nervous wait for customers and new hires to return a signed contract.

Salespeople are often walking a tightrope between being pushy and scaring off a prospect or playing it cool and missing quota. The same goes for HR teams who don’t want to upset a working relationship before a new hire has even started.

But most of this discomfort actually comes from the uncertainty of not knowing why someone hasn’t signed. Have they received the contract? Have they forgotten about it? Did I miss their return email?

Advanced eSignature tools alleviate this unknown for sales and HR teams by tracking documents in real-time. That means the sender can see whether a contract has been opened, signed, or returned instantly.

What’s more, advanced eSignature tools offer automatic reminders so when someone hasn’t signed, the sender doesn’t even have to follow up.

Deliver a streamlined experience to customers and new hires

Today people expect convenience and business leaders are taking note, with over 70% considering UX and CX a competitive differentiator.

So any way you can streamline workflows to make your user experience faster and easier for customers, users, and new hires is a big win over the competition.  

Embedded eSignature technology is doing just that streamlining workflows by fixing the slow signing processes.

By embedding eSignature tools using APIs, users can sign documents and contracts directly on your website or app — getting them to their desired destination faster. From what we’ve seen, eliminating distractions increases document completion by up to 26%.

However, reducing the number of steps is just one part of the experience formula. Consumers also expect to sign on any device with ease.

Embedding eSignatures into your website or platform using APIs also makes signing on any device, from anywhere, a reality.

And when customers and new hires can sign documents from anywhere with ease, your chances of converting them goes way up. And that’ll only propel your business towards greater growth.

Discover the full power of eSignature APIs

This is just a glimpse at how eSignature APIs driving new digital strategies that deliver greater growth to businesses in less time.

Sounds too good to be true?  It’s not. Find out how to leverage eSignatures APIs to accelerate their business growth in our latest guide: 4 ways eSignature APIs are unlocking business growth.

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