5 ways Dropbox Sign’s eSignature API unlocks new growth opportunities

Angela Wong
July 19, 2021
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When delivered through APIs, the benefits of eSignatures for businesses are two-fold: an improvement of internal processes and an improvement of external processes. Team-to-team and team-to-consumer — a huge gain for businesses customer experience and productivity.

So, with such a growth potential and opportunity for a business, the question isn’t whether your organization should adopt an eSignature solution, it’s which eSignature solution can improve both your team-to-customer experience and your team-to-team efficiency at once?

That’s why, instead of restricting your ability to customize your electronic signature process with a rigid structure, Dropbox Sign’s API opens up the console for your developers to use our technology in the way that best fits your business.

Let’s take a look at the 5 key features that make Dropbox Sign the leading eSignature API.

1. Create a seamless signing experience with embedded workflows

No internal efficiency gain is ever worth losing a customer over. Yet so many businesses prioritise their processes over their customers’ experience. And when this happens, customers don’t convert, and you leave money on the table.

But efficient processes and customer experience don’t have to be diametrically opposed. When you use the Dropbox Sign API, you never have to settle for an experience that’s not designed exactly for you and your customers.

With the Dropbox Sign API, customers sign documents directly on your website or app. So instead of forcing customers to use outdated paper documents or clunky third-party websites, they can safely and securely sign every document right there on your platform.

By customizing your user experience to particular customer journeys, you make your customers’ lives easier, and that, in turn, makes your team more productive and improves your chances of converting.

2. Unleash the full brand experience with premium branding signing

More than just making the signing process smooth and unified for prospects and future employees, you want them to know they’re in the right place.

Dropbox Sign's premium branding puts the brand you’ve worked so hard to create at the front and center of every customer or new hire’s entire signing experience.

Dropbox Sign’s premium branding gives you the power to fully customize the eSignature app — you can change colors and copy, remove the “Powered by Dropbox Sign” tagline, and, most importantly, add your own logo so the whole eSignature experience feels native to your website or app.

And from what we’ve seen, it’s had a profound impact. Aaron Gibralter, Director of Product Engineering at Greenhouse says:

"The ability to brand different solutions used throughout the onboarding process provides users with a cohesive experience. Removing this barrier allows new hires to focus on the company culture and team they’ve chosen to be a part of."

3. Bulk sign and send templates with one click

If you or your team is sending 50, 100, 500 signatures requests out at one time, Dropbox Sign’s API bulk request sending is your best friend.

Simply upload your document template and a list with all of your recipients, and Dropbox Sign’s API bulk send feature will distribute a customized document to every individual on a list of up to 200 with the click of a button.

Dropbox Sign’s Group Sign feature also allows teams to send a document to a group of recipients when only one signature is required. Casting a wider net returns a completed signature faster, rather than waiting for one person to respond.

This not only spares your team hours of tedious data entry, email-writing and time spent chasing for signed documents, but it also frees them up to focus on growth-minded work like prospecting and hiring new employees.

4. Track signing statuses with timely notifications

Whether you’re wondering if a prospect has ghosted you or a candidate has accepted another position, flying blind in HR or Sales is never enjoyable.

Knowing exactly where a candidate or prospect is at in the signing process is a huge advantage. It gives you insight into whether they might need a push or whether your team can sit back.

With Dropbox Sign’s eSignature API, status notifications are automatically sent out when someone a) opens a document, b) signs a document, and c) hasn’t signed a document and needs a reminder.

Oversight of the entire signing process is huge for your HR and sales teams because it’s the difference between them wondering what to do next and getting on with it.

5. Fast implementation

It’s not about whether your engineering team could build an eSignature tool into your website or app. It’s about whether it’s worth their effort.

See, your engineering team could spend months developing a tool that does the job. But why bother when there’s already expertly built solutions on the market, backed by dedicated teams of experts in eSignature technology, security, and compliance? Plus, those teams of experts are entirely dedicated to keeping the technology up to date with legal changes and new functionality requirements.

Dropbox Sign’s API brings complete plug-and-play functionality to the table. One fast (like, industry-leading fast) integration and you’ve got a complete eSignature tool embedded right into your website and app.

Don’t believe Dropbox Sign’s API is that easy to integrate? Here’s what Brian Bristol, CTO and Co-Founder of Pigeon Loans has to say about it:

I’ve implemented other APIs and it usually takes about a week. Dropbox Sign is using such forward-looking technology, along with clear and easy to understand documentation that I was able to do it in less than 3 hours. This was a record for me."

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