Video Demo: How to sign documents online using Dropbox Sign

Kate Hueter
April 5, 2023
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Video Demo for Signing Documents with Dropbox Sign
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Nowy wygląd, ten sam wspaniały produkt! HelloSign to teraz Dropbox Sign.

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Dropbox Sign makes it easy to get agreements signed online with legally binding signatures and robust security features, so that small businesses can spend less time on admin tasks and more time on growing their business.

To give you a peek into the product, we made a short video demo showing you how to sign a document using Dropbox Sign:

Video transcript:

"You've signed up for your account and you're ready to start using it. Let's take a look at how to send your first request.

To start off with your first signature request, you first need to know what documents you want to sign. Then you can do a simple drag and drop in this general area here, or use the dropdown to upload from your computer, use an existing template, or one of the cloud storage options such as Dropbox.

Now that your files been uploaded, it's time to add your signers. Add their name and email address.

Now let's prepare the document. Using the fields on the left-hand side, you can place however many fields you need to have filled out by your signers or have pre-populated yourself.

All your fields placed down and ready to go? Onto the next step. Add in your title for your document, and now you can send for signature.

You can easily track your document status within your document section to see when your signers have signed.

You can also check out the statuses of your documents here on your home page.

Now you're ready to send your second signature!"

Easy, quick, and secure online contract signing
We’ve simplified contract sending, signing, and tracking so you can get contracts signed faster.
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