Introducing Expanded Dropbox Sign Support Options

Janice Yau
November 8, 2021
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As we’ve grown, we’ve learned that every Dropbox Sign customer is entirely unique, which we love.

But it also means every customer has vastly different needs — some SMBs use only Dropbox Sign a few times a year to hire new staff, while high-velocity recruiters send out over 10,000 signature requests a month.

The thing is, we’ve been offering the exact same support to all of our customers, despite very, very different needs. And, as we all know, in business, a one-size-fits-all approach almost always leaves everyone dissatisfied. It’s why we’re making some changes to the way we support our customers.

We’re thrilled to announce upgraded paid support options to suit the specific needs of every business we partner with—from mom-and-pops to multi-national enterprises.  

Same reliable service, but more speed and choice

Before we start talking about paid options, let us be clear about one thing: The Basic Support you currently receive will continue to be free. Tickets, response times, and the support process will all be the same as they’ve always been.

But we know the ticket-form experience isn’t for everyone and often businesses need faster or  more support for one reason or another:

  • eSignatures are a mission-critical part of your business
  • You want immediate fixes
  • You prefer talking directly with a human

So we’re launching two new paid plans to suit the business needs of all our partners.

Level 2: Priority support for mission-critical signing

Priority support is for businesses whose core operations rely on eSignature workflows functioning at all times.

We’re talking about businesses like Greenhouse which sends 10000+ contracts a month or Dealmaker whose core value proposition is a fast, easy capital-raising process that’s powered by eSignatures.

If your business relies on eSignatures to do business, Level 2 support is the fastest way to get back up and running. With Level 2, you get:

  • 4 hour response time to limit business disruptions*
  • 24 hour, 5 days a week phone and live chat support*
  • Integration support for the partner tools that power your eSignature workflows

Level 1 support: The middle ground

We get it, ticketing doesn’t give you the assurance that your issue is a priority. Sometimes it’s just faster and easier to explain your problem over the phone—and to have a real person acknowledge your problem.

But if the majority of your signing operations fall within office hours, because that’s the only time you’ll need support, right?

That’s why we’ve built Level 1 support around office hours. It combines the best parts priority support at an affordable price. You’ll get all the perks of priority support like phone and live chat options but only within standard business hours:

  • 8 hour response time
  • Phone support during business hours (9-5)*
  • 24 hour, 5 days a week live chat support*

How the new Dropbox Sign support options stack up

Get the exact support you need, and nothing you don’t

No matter what kind of support, these new Dropbox Sign support options offer precise support to suit your exact business needs.

Learn more about the new paid Dropbox Sign support options.

Or if you already know the support level your business needs, contact sales for paid support here.

*Note: Support via phone and chat is currently only available in English and for customers on Standard and Premium plans.

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