4 ways to improve contract management and speed up sales workflows with Dropbox Sign and HubSpot

Janice Yau
November 2, 2022
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Focus on connecting with prospects, and Dropbox Sign + HubSpot will take care of the paperwork

When starting out in sales, it can be a little surprising to find out how much time goes into drawing up, correcting, editing, and getting signatures on contracts. Sure, a lot of the day is spent calling or visiting prospects, or responding to inbound queries, and generally trying to hit targets. But in most companies with sales teams, closing a deal is a lot more complex than having a customer fill out a payment form. 

Many businesses today, especially SaaS companies, work on contract-based sales, where a customer must sign a contract in order to start their journey using — and committing to pay for — your product. But sales reps aren’t contract lawyers, and managing contracts and customer paperwork can be a tedious and confusing process, especially early on as they’re ramping up. 

And it’s not just SaaS sales reps who end up wrangling contracts. They’re a huge part of managing the business at agencies of all kinds, from musical talent to graphic design, and they’re constantly in use on HR teams at any kind of company.

So ensuring all your client-facing teams are equipped with the best contract management tools can speed up the process of working with contracts, helping sales reps and client managers focus on reaching more people and closing more deals — not drowning in paperwork. 

Dropbox Sign and HubSpot can help.

Dropbox Sign is a user-friendly platform for sending, receiving, and managing legally binding eSignatures for businesses. 

And HubSpot is an all-in-one CRM platform that stores all the prospect and customer information your company needs to run all their sales, marketing, and customer care activities. 

We’ll review how sales, operations, and HR teams can use Dropbox Sign and HubSpot together to generate more sales, and improve the overall client contract experience. 

How a music distribution company improved contract workflows and automated document management using Dropbox Sign for HubSpot

Music distribution company Symphonic now uses Dropbox Sign to onboard new artists quickly and easily. Before implementing Dropbox Sign, they used contracts that had to be manually signed, which slowed down negotiations and the entire onboarding process. 

Now, with Dropbox Sign and HubSpot, they’re able to seamlessly send hundreds of automated documents out each month. By upgrading their contract and contact management systems, the Symphonic team sped up contract workflows, created reusable branded contract templates, and improved the client experience.  

“Having Dropbox Sign integrated into HubSpot gives our dealmakers access to contracts that they can send when the deal is hot, and Dropbox Sign lets artists sign immediately,” says Rebecca Graff, COO at Symphonic.

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4 ways sales teams can use Dropbox Sign and HubSpot to improve sales contract workflows

Dropbox Sign and HubSpot help speed up contract creation with user-friendly templates and autofill from HubSpot, let users sign contracts within the platform online, and help sales teams track the progress of their deals in real time without switching screens.

1. Speed up contract creation with templates and auto-fill

The Dropbox Sign and HubSpot integration lets sales and account management teams create, save, and send contracts faster. They can create pre-built, brand-approved, reusable templates and send them in seconds to their customers. They're also able to auto-fill data from HubSpot into these contracts for fast and error-free agreements — and no need to ask a customer how they spell that email again. 

Manual contract building can take hours, if not days, depending on the complexity of the agreement, but Dropbox Sign lets teams front-load the work by creating several templates for their various contract needs, and then just update, edit, fill, and send them when needed — all from within HubSpot.

For example, imagine a medium-size graphic design agency that works with a wide range of clients. They have a list of offerings, from simple logos to entire brand identities, and they also have bundles of services for companies looking to do more than one project at a time. For every project, and every bundle, the agency has a pre-built contract template that outlines the terms of the project, the fees, and the schedule and commitment. 

When a client chooses a service, an account manager can go into HubSpot, pull up their profile, and stay within HubSpot while choosing, editing, and auto-filling a contract. They can send it over to the client, watch the progress as it’s delivered, opened, signed, and returned, and get to work faster.

2. Sign and send contracts online

Gone are the days of couriers bringing a giant envelope full of paper that a potential client or customer needs to sign by hand here, here, and here too, please. It was a standard process for decades, but this time-consuming workflow is expensive and outdated.

Online contract signing is becoming standard across industries, and Dropbox Sign for HubSpot allows teams to manage contract signing all within the CRM they’re used to using. 

For example, when a sales rep for a SaaS company that sells inventory software has a prospect that’s ready to buy, the sales rep goes into HubSpot, finds the prospect, and creates a new contract for them from a template that’s ready to use. The systems sync to auto-fill the fields in the contract, saving the client and the sales rep the trouble of filling in every field, and the sales rep can adjust anything in the contract as needed, all within HubSpot. 

Once the contract is ready, they send it off to the client securely, and can track its progress. If the customer is hesitating and they’ve opened but not yet signed the document, the sales rep can reach out and assuage any concerns — and keep the process moving along. When the client finally signs, the contract can be found in their HubSpot file, and the sales rep can ring the bell, having closed another successful deal. 

3. Track deal progress within HubSpot

Dropbox Sign for HubSpot helps sales teams stay organized and on top of their deals currently in progress. They're able to track every document status whether it's sent, viewed, signed, or returned, all from HubSpot, and they can set it up to automatically send reminders for unsigned contracts. Signed contracts are automatically saved back to the HubSpot record for easy access and reference down the line. 

Staying organized and following up on contracts that are in limbo is easy and seamless without needing to toggle back and forth between HubSpot and Dropbox Sign.

This helps speed up your sales cycle overall, leading to a quicker time to closing. Without manual contract building errors, without having to draw up a new contract every time, and without having to manually remind prospects about a contract waiting to be signed, there’s significantly less friction within the closing process, and deals can be closed quicker.

For example, a sales manager can check on the progress of all the deals in her team’s pipeline, knowing when they can help speed along a deal close, and be able to intervene if any issues have delayed a signature. 

4. Automate contract follow ups and reminders with HubSpot

Automated email marketing workflows can save sales, marketing, HR, and legal teams hours on follow-up. Set up automated emails in HubSpot to go out to prospects who have yet to sign their contract, including the Dropbox Sign link for them to easily get it done right then and there. 

Consider a reasonable cadence to ensure the contract gets signed, but don’t let your emails clog up their inbox.

Stop wasting time on contract building, and start connecting with more customers

Dropbox Sign and HubSpot are the perfect partnership for teams looking to level up their sales efforts. An error in a contract can send a nearly closed deal into turmoil, so connecting your contracts management platform with your CRM is a no-brainer. 

Keep your closing process moving along, and reallocate time formerly spent on drawing up contracts to reaching new prospects and growing the business.

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