How Dropbox for Startups helps founders move fast, stay secure, and reduce paperwork

Cory Shrecengost
July 27, 2022
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新しい名前でも変わらぬ高品質!HelloSign の名称が Dropbox Sign になりました。


Funding, running, and growing a startup is hard enough without the stress of piles of paperwork and missing contracts.  

You need to know you’re putting the right processes in place to get your business off the ground and protect it as you grow. And that comes down to how you manage your paperwork, which can be the difference between:

  • Waiting for funding or bringing investors onboard.
  • Landing a new customer or following up on contracts again.
  • Knowing your contracts are legally binding or ending up in arbitration.

That’s why we’re launching Dropbox for Startups. During their first year, eligible founders can now enjoy separate discounts to the Dropbox suite of products: Dropbox, DocSend, or Dropbox Sign. Choose from any or all three to help you navigate the entire fundraising experience from end-to-end.

Fast, secure contract signing — from anywhere

When it comes to signing an investor agreement to secure funding, the faster you can get it signed, the faster you’ll grow.

However, big business decisions come with big piles of paperwork, back-and-forth exchanges, signing, and follow-ups. This is where new, digitally flexible eSignature tools like Dropbox’s eSignature solution Dropbox Sign can increase completion rates and signing speed.

Dropbox Sign is chock-full of signer-friendly features to help get contracts signed fast. With Dropbox Sign, signers can receive and sign agreements on any device that’s connected to the internet—and they don’t even have to make an account.

Then, for visibility over how agreements are progressing, Dropbox Sign is fully equipped with agreement tracking, so you know the status of every contract in real-time—opened, signed, or rejected. Plus, Dropbox Sign will automatically send reminders for every unsigned agreement you’ve sent out, saving you the effort of following up.

To sweeten the deal, Dropbox Sign is legally binding in over 51 countries and serves over 22 languages, so no matter how ambitious your expansion plans are, you’ll be ready. We’ve got fraud covered too. When you send and sign agreements, Dropbox Sign adds a non-editable audit trail that ensures every action on your documents is thoroughly tracked and time-stamped, which provides defensible proof of access, review, and signature.

Get x-ray vision into what investors are really interested

DocSend’s document analytics give founders instant access to detailed analytics that show exactly how potential investors are engaging with your shared files. Users can view top performing documents, average completion percentage across files, and document version performance. Test different file versions to determine which performs best, and then optimize your other files accordingly.

Being able to see how investors are engaging with your content gives you the ability to prioritize follow-up with the most interested investors, saving you from wasting time on dead-end deals. Build stronger relationships and drive more compelling conversations with follow-ups tailored to the unique engagement and understanding of the investor.

DocSend’s document tracking also gives founders the ability to identify new stakeholders. Users can track their shared links that have been forwarded to someone they haven’t engaged with yet, enabling them to reach out to even more potential investors.

When it comes to fundraising, the amount of paperwork founders need to share with potential investors is seemingly endless. Keeping track of which files have (or haven’t) been shared or updated can be challenging for both founders and investors. DocSend’s virtual data rooms makes it easy to upload, share, and update multiple files — all with a single link. Never lose track of important files again. Users can even passcode-protect shared files for an added layer of control.

All your content in one place

Launching a startup means lots of files, several work streams, and many stakeholders. It can be difficult to stay organized all the time. With Dropbox, you’ll have one unified workspace to store, access, and collaborate on all your content effortlessly.

From pitch decks to investor agreements, you can securely store all your files and easily find and share them whenever you need, from any device. Built-in commenting allows you to easily collaborate with the rest of your team and investors.

Integrations with Dropbox Sign and DocSend allow you to complete your entire workflow from beginning to end in one place, so you don’t need to spend time switching between apps.

Momentum-building startup tools

The tools you select today will have an impact on how fast you can scale in the future. One way to ensure you’re investing in tools that are going to be around for the long run is by choosing tools that integrate with your other systems.

Dropbox for Startups helps founders build a more streamlined workflow during a time when their focus needs to be on what matters most — securing funding. Send documents directly from Dropbox, track and optimize with DocSend, and get them signed fast with Dropbox Sign. And once documents are signed, Dropbox Sign can automatically save agreements directly to your Dropbox folders—saving you time and effort.

This is just one of many integrations built into Dropbox Sign that will save you time now AND scale with your ambition.


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