Fireside chat with Dropbox Sign CTO at DeveloperWeek Global: Management

Angela Wong
May 6, 2021
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新しい名前でも変わらぬ高品質!HelloSign の名称が Dropbox Sign になりました。


On May 11-12, 2021 Dropbox Sign will be at DeveloperWeek Global: Management, a virtual software developer conference and expo designed for engineering managers, dev team leads and dev executives. We’ll be hosting a fireside chat with Dropbox Sign’s CTO, Neal O’Mara, as well as presenting several live demos on how the Dropbox Sign API can help simplify your document workflows.

Read on to find out how you can get a free pass to the event ($100 discount), courtesy of Dropbox Sign!

If you’re an engineering manager, it’s especially important to be keeping up with trends in technology. At Dropbox Sign, we have seen the usage of eSignatures explode as a result of businesses having to transition their workflows to a digital-first world. We are helping companies reduce friction in their document processes with the Dropbox Sign API, which enables engineering teams to build a secure and reliable signature workflow in their own apps or websites — within days, not months. Connect with our team at Dropbox Sign’s virtual booth to learn more about the different use cases for eSignatures and talk to us about your current or upcoming projects!

Fireside chat with Dropbox Sign CTO, Neal O’Mara

“Fostering talent and innovation in remote engineering teams” with Neal O’Mara

Moderated by Marcel Ribas, Solutions Consultant at Dropbox Sign

2:30 PM - 2:55 PM PST

Tuesday, May 11

Since many companies have recently switched to remote work, this transition could be especially challenging for team leads who are not only responsible for their own tasks, but also for managing and supporting their team.

Neal O’Mara is the Co-Founder and CTO of Dropbox Sign and VP of Engineering of Dropbox. As CTO of Dropbox Sign, he is responsible for leading the Engineering, IT and Security functions. Over the past decade, Neal has gone from managing himself to a team of 100 spread across two continents. Tune in live to this fireside chat as he shares his thoughts around the challenges and opportunities that are presented when managing a distributed engineering team.

Join us for a live demo of the Dropbox Sign API

Throughout the event, we’ll be running live demos at the Dropbox Sign virtual booth. Here are a few topics we’ll be covering.

  • Automate document signing with the Dropbox Sign API: Rosie Cunningham, API Support Engineer, will share a few eSignature use cases and how the Dropbox Sign API can be used to automate document signing workflows.
  • Embedding eSignatures on your website: Ruben Rincon, Developer Evangelist Lead, will walk through the process of embedding eSignature directly on your website using the Dropbox Sign API.
  • Personalize the signing experience with Dropbox Sign API: Marcel Ribas, Technical Solutions Specialist, will show a live demo of how to customize your signing workflow using Dropbox Sign API’s white labeling feature.

Dropbox Sign API Live Demo Schedule

How to visit Dropbox Sign’s virtual booth at DeveloperWeek

We’re giving away a limited number of free passes to the virtual event! To secure your spot, register for the event for free using this exclusive Dropbox Sign link. On May 11 and May 12, you can navigate to the Expo tab within the virtual event platform and look for Dropbox Sign Come say hello, we’d love to meet you! We’ll also have an exclusive offer for our booth visitors — keep reading to find out more.

Book a free consultation for the Dropbox Sign API and get a gift

It’s a win-win situation. When you book a meeting with us, you can learn how your business can benefit from an eSignature integration and get an Amazon gift card*. Find the Dropbox Sign booth to claim this offer!

This meeting is perfect for you if:

  • You’re thinking about integrating eSignatures in your app (and could use a little help in architecting a solution)
  • You care about branding during the signing experience
  • You want to learn more about how other businesses in your industry have successfully integrated eSignatures
  • You want to see how Dropbox Sign API compares to other eSignature solutions

You can redeem this offer by visiting the Dropbox Sign booth at the event on May 11 and May 12. Register for free here and we will see you there!


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