Video Tutorial: Implementing user onboarding workflows with NodeJS and the Dropbox Sign API (Part 1)

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Ruben Rincon
June 8, 2021
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"Video Tutorial: Implementing user onboarding workflows with NodeJS and the Dropbox Sign API (Part 1)"
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When you are developing platforms that require documents to be signed as part of the onboarding process (ex. contracts for new vendors, contractors or employees), this can often be a point of friction for your users. Before they can benefit from your service, they will have to find their own way to sign these documents and they could leave your application as a result, or ditch the process entirely.

With the Dropbox Sign API, you could automate the signing process for your users so they can sign documents using eSignatures in just a few clicks. A streamlined document signing process creates a better onboarding experience, which means your users can get started faster.

In this first part of the video tutorial, I’ll show you how to implement a simple onboarding workflow with eSignatures using the Dropbox Sign Node.JS SDK by adding a button to your website to trigger an automated email from Dropbox Sign with the document to be signed electronically. In the second part, I will build upon this example and take the user experience to the next level by integrating an end-to-end signing process for your website.

Now grab a cup of your favorite coffee, tea or beverage; adjust to your favorite reproduction speed; and enjoy the video. For further details, visit the Dropbox Sign Developer Portal.

If you want to run the sample in the video on your own, here are the commands and the code for this project.

Command line Initialization



In the second part, I’ll show you how to integrate the signing process directly into your website or app using Embedded Signing. This will help improve user experience since your users won’t have to leave the current workflow and check for an incoming email to get their document signed.

To learn more about the Dropbox Sign API and start testing for free, visit Dropbox Sign’s Developer Portal

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