What Makes Dropbox Sign Different From Competitors?

Elizabeth DiGaetano
July 31, 2018
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What Makes Dropbox Sign Different From Competitors?
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Nytt utseende, samma fantastiska produkt! HelloSign är nu Dropbox Sign.

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What makes Dropbox Sign different from the competition?

Varför Dropbox Sign?

I’m asked these questions all day, every day. 

It’s not really surprising that those are some of the first questions I get in Sales. But what’s really interesting is that I’m also asked these same questions by friends and family, at social and industry networking events, and from complete strangers.

People want to know how Dropbox Sign is making waves!

Truth be told, I enjoy getting into this conversation. I’m proud of our kickass team – we’ve punched much higher than our weight, reached incredible milestones, and earned our way to becoming an industry leader.

So to set the record straight, I wanted to share some of the most important things that make Dropbox Sign different.

1. We Make Our Customers Awesome

A core value at Dropbox Sign is simple but effective: make users awesome. We put our customers first and, as a result, we’ve built a strong, loyal user base. We collaborate with our customers to understand their needs and deliver the best product(s) to make their work seamless.

Here are some examples of how Dropbox Sign lives by this value:

  • In Sales, we work closely with our customers pre-sale to dive into their document workflows and identify the metrics to measure their success. You can read here how my customers realized measurable gains from implementing Dropbox Sign products: Instacart, EquityZen, LoftSmart, Vendini, and Brokermint
  • Our Marketing team goes to great lengths to make sure we remain a young, fresh brand. We offer powerful and useful content for customers, such as the Digital Transformation program, to help companies transition into the future.
  • Dropbox Sign API Support, Customer Success, and Support Teams offer concierge level support. These teams assist customers before, during,and after the sales process – at no additional charge. We are equally as invested as our customers in making sure their eSignature solution is successful.
  • Our biggest competition does not come from the other eSignature companies, but rather from companies with in-house engineering teams considering whether to build vs. buy an eSignature solution. Those who decide to build it themselves almost always come back to buy Dropbox Sign within 6 months. Even software developers from the top technology companies eventually realize eSignatures are not their core business. We have a full team of amazing engineers working full time on making sure Dropbox Sign is easy to use, quick to implement, and legally binding. Check out the documentation here!
  • It’s not easy to make things simple. Our Product Team is focused on building and updating our products to ensure ease of use, for both end users (UX) and developers (DX).

2. APIs Are Our Core Business

We have a great user interface at hellosign.com. For teams of 10 or more, we offer our Enterprise solution. And we are making a splash with our new Salesforce integration – the only SFDC tool that allows users to prepare, edit & send documents for signature without ever leaving their Salesforce instance.

Our biggest differentiator, however, is our APIs. 

As an API-first company, we’ve prioritized developing and supporting our API unlike any other competitor in the industry. 

Most companies today want to keep customers within their website, without directing them to outside applications. We focus on making our API easy to implement (it’s ranked higher than major competitors on G2’s implementation index), hassle free (with built-in developer debugging tools), feature-rich (everything the other guys have plus more!), and fully customizable (we’re the only company with full white-labeling capabilities). 

And the best part is that customers are noticing! 

Oracle choose Dropbox Sign over our competitors to build into their documents cloud because they wanted a seamless experience for customers, while maintaining their brand. Trxade switched from another major competitor because of how much better and easier our API was. FrontFundr saved 45 minutes of wasted time per customer by using our API. It is amazing seeing our customers succeed and grow, and we are so excited that Dropbox Sign can be part of that journey!

We are a company built by talented developers, and many customers find us through recommendations from their own developers. In addition to our UX, we’ve focused on providing the best DX. Whenever a customer is comparing Dropbox Sign to a competitor, I always recommend sending our publicly available API Documentation to their developers to compare. Developers can also create a free account and play around in our test sandbox. After they see our API in action, we almost always win.

We’re also constantly improving our APIs. Here are some of our recent enhancements.

3. Our Team Rocks

While we are growing by leaps and bounds, we are fundamentally a start-up. We have a smart, agile, “A-team”, which makes it easy to make things happen. I look across the office and see our CEO, COO, and Support Team. I often share lunch in the kitchen with our CTO, an API Support Engineer, or Head of Product. If one of my customers needs a feature we don’t currently have we welcome feedback with open arms as it is what drives our product roadmap. All these things make Dropbox Sign a lot more nimble than our big competitors.

We also invest in culture and making sure our team has what they need to succeed.

4. We Are Innovative

It’s always been our priority to build things people want. Last year, we launched our newest product, Dropbox Forms. Dropbox Forms is our answer to completing high volume, standardized, and document-centric workflows.

Dropbox Forms came about because a lot of documents – paper or digital – are frustrating to fill out. They might show confusing terms or lock away data in non-editable PDFs. Dropbox Forms changes the way that people fill out documents (agreements, forms, etc.) by bringing everything together in a new way. (Read our blog post "What is Dropbox Forms?" here).

Mobile-first online questions guide your customers through agreements and forms without ever needing to see the underlying document they are completing. You can build and launch multi-form workflows with drag-and-drop functionality. Dropbox Forms online forms also auto-populate repetitive information, include conditional logic, and catch errors with data validation.

At the end of the document workflow, any information that’s been entered maps back to the original document and integrates into third-party systems. Because of these features, Dropbox Forms increases the accuracy and rate of document completion.

Here’s an example of how Dropbox Forms works in the real world.

Instacart uses Dropbox Forms to onboard 70,000+ contractors every month, and they're loving it! In fact, they started out as customers of the Dropbox Sign API and they've created a simple mobile-first experience for onboarding contract drivers with Dropbox Forms. You can read more about their experience with Dropbox Forms here.

Here are other great resources about Dropbox Forms:

Try Us Out and You’ll See For Yourself!

To quote our COO, Whitney Bouck, “This space is changing the way business is done at its foundation — we are finally realizing the future of digital business and exactly how much more profitable it can be by removing the friction caused by outdated technology and processes."

Dropbox Sign provides a young, fresh brand – and a dynamic team – to help companies become paperless and make work easy. Yes, we are taking companies paperless. And this is changing the world!

If you want to see how you can use Dropbox Sign or Dropbox Forms, take a look around at our product pages. I know you’ll notice the difference.

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