Dropbox Sign Goes Global

Nicolas Wu
June 29, 2020
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Nytt utseende, samma fantastiska produkt! HelloSign är nu Dropbox Sign.

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Ranked as a leader in the 2020 Aragon Research Globe™ for Digital Transaction Management, Dropbox Sign is trusted by millions of users to manage signed documents, request signatures, and create documents for signing securely online. eSignatures are recognized as legally binding in most countries, and the increased demand of companies across the globe for a trustworthy eSignature solution is growing fast. With demand escalating very rapidly around the world, we are thrilled to announce that Dropbox Sign is now global. Learn more about how we’re leveling up our support for businesses across the globe.

Experience Dropbox Sign in 21 Additional Languages

Today, we're bringing our secure, intuitive, and easy-to-use eSignature platform to customers across the globe in all of the languages currently supported by Dropbox. Customers now have a fully localized experience with Dropbox Sign, including viewing the website, using the product, and reading the library of tutorials in the additional 21 supported languages.

On our website, visitors can localize the viewing experience with the globe icon on either the top right or bottom left corner of the site. In the product, users can use Dropbox Sign Web App, Dropbox Sign API, and Dropbox Sign for Salesforce in their preferred language to build, send, and manage documents for signature. When signers receive the signature request, they can also change the language for their signing experience. To learn more about Dropbox Sign language support, please visit our help center article.

A screenshot of the localized Dropbox Sign user interface
Create a signature request with the Dropbox Sign user interface in German. Form for demonstration purposes only.

Introducing European Data Residency

We’re taking our expansion to Europe a step further and are excited to announce Dropbox Sign’s new data infrastructure in Germany with backup in France. This gives customers the option to store completed documents either in the US or Europe. This feature is available on the Dropbox Sign Enterprise Plus and Dropbox Sign API Platinum plans.

At Dropbox Sign, our customers’ data privacy and security have always been our top priorities. Both at-rest and in-transit documents are stored and encrypted using AES 256-bit encryption. Additionally, Dropbox Sign complies with GDPR, eIDAS, the U.S. ESIGN act of 2000, and other major eSignature regulations, so you can trust our platform when sending and signing your most important documents online.

Extended support for EMEA and APJ

Dropbox Sign’s customer service is always a key differentiator when businesses are comparing Dropbox Sign to other vendors. Our customers get free access to Dropbox Sign’s customer and technical support teams, whether it’s questions on how to use Dropbox Sign or technical issues integrating the Dropbox Sign API.

To better support international customers, Dropbox Sign also expanded customer service to include additional support hours for EMEA (Europe, the Middle East, and Africa) and APJ (Asia Pacific and Japan) regions. Our global support teams are here to help businesses around the world get their most important documents signed.

Enhanced Data Retention

As the need for eSignatures is growing at an unprecedented rate, IT administrators need a scalable way to manage the data retention for documents across various business systems. This includes Dropbox Sign, where they can centralize signed documents and delete them from each system.

Dropbox Sign is built to support enterprise customers and offers features such as multi-teams, advanced branding, bulk send, and many others that provide an easy way to manage eSignatures at scale. We recently released a new feature that allows administrators to delete complete documents in bulk from their Dropbox Sign account. This makes it simpler for customers to centralize their documents in Dropbox or any data storage after they export these documents from Dropbox Sign.

This Bulk Delete feature is available on the Enterprise Plus plan. Dropbox Sign Administrators can configure deleting a batch of documents from a Dropbox Sign account once or on a regular basis in the Admin Console for easy management.

Accelerate Digital Transformation with Dropbox Sign

Digital transformation is more important now than ever. Brands that embrace digital transformation are more responsive to the market, have higher productivity, and eventually create a competitive advantage which leads to generating more profit. Now that Dropbox Sign is global, companies across the globe are enabled to accelerate their digital transformation.

We’re excited to announce and bring these new features to you and our customers around the world. Visit DropboxSign.com to learn more about how to get your work done faster with eSignatures.

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