Claire Murdough
November 2, 2016
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What Does Embedded Requesting Look Like?
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Обновленный внешний вид, тот же великолепный продукт! HelloSign теперь называется Dropbox Sign

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When you think of Dropbox Sign you might immediately think of eSignatures. In fact, we offer a lot more than easy online signing! 

We power tons of features that allow anyone to manage, customize, and automate every inch of their document workflows. 

Today we’re covering embedded requesting. This is a feature that’s available to API customers of Dropbox Sign. You may find this feature particularly intriguing if you’re looking for a way to incorporate online signing directly into your website, application, or workflow. 

Read on if this is you!

What is Embedded Requesting?

Embedded requesting gives you the ability to seamlessly embed Dropbox Sign’s signing functionality into your website, workflow, or application. This means you (or your users) can format documents online and send them out for legally binding signature, all within the parameters of your interface. 

Embedded requesting also gives you the option to brand the signing experience with your colors and logo, making it look native to your website or application.

What Does Embedded Requesting Look Like?

Since you control the branding, the possibilities for what embedded requesting looks like are endless. Of course, it’s always easiest to see something like this in action. We’ll go over just one example what it could look like below. 

Let’s imagine for a moment that you’re the CEO of an HR platform called “CIRQLHR.” CIRQLHR is a platform that allows HR professionals to simplify everything about HR, from onboarding to exit interviews. 

Here’s your logo:

Since paperwork plays a
role for HR teams, you know you need to provide your customers with an easy way to manage and get their HR documents signed. Ideally, you’d like them to do this on your platform.

That’s where Dropbox Sign’s embedded requesting comes in. 

, you can build online signing into your platform such that customers of CIRQLHR will be able to upload a document to the CirqHR platform and send it for signature without leaving their CirqHR dashboard.

Let’s walk through what this might look like for your CIRQLHR users.

Step 1.

First, a user of CIRQLHR would upload a document to their CIRQLHR dashboard. We’ve used a W-9 form in this example. The screenshot below shows a simplified version of a platform dashboard, but hopefully you can get the idea.

Step 2.

The user would then choose who needs to sign the document. They can add up to 20 signers and enter in email addresses of those they’d like to cc as well (in the case of HR, that might be a supervisor or CEO).

Step 3.

Once signing roles have been assigned, it’s time for the document to be prepared. At this point, users would have the option to format the document with text fields, initials boxes, checkboxes, electronic signature fields, and more. The preparer of the document can also set
criteria for a field at this time. For example, they can dictate “Numbers only” for a phone number field.



so far has been accomplished on CIRQLHR's website. There’s been no need for the customer to navigate out of the dashboard to a new tab.

Step 4.

As a last step, the user would title the document and send it with an optional message to the recipient.

Step 5.

After the document is sent, the customer stays on the original site (CIRQLHR’s dashboard) after the document is sent. They can continue along their merry way of being the best HR professional in the land. 

Вот и все! 

The CIRQLHR example showcases a simple and incredibly powerful workflow. This embedded requesting model completely eliminated the need for your customer to navigate to a third party site and added real, applicable value to the CIRQLHR platform.

How You Can Customize Embedded Requesting

You may have found the example flow to be familiar if you’ve ever used Dropbox Sign before. It follows the same proven signing simplicity that we’ve built into our own product. 

Did you happen to notice, however, that the CIRQLHR logo was where the Dropbox Sign logo usually is? The favicon in the tab also features the CIRQLHR logo.

That’s because the CIRQLHR example uses basic branding. They chose to swap out Dropbox Sign's logo with their own. Basic branding is only the beginning of customization for embedded requesting. 

You also have the opportunity to premium brand the experience of embedded requesting. Premium branding the flow gives you the power to fully brand the experience, making all colors reflect your colors, all logos match your company, and eliminates any mention of being powered by Dropbox Sign. Like in this example for a fictional paper company:

Who Benefits from Embedded Requesting?

Everyone! One of the most valuable things about Dropbox Sign’s embedded features is that they’re beneficial to integrators, users, and signers alike.

Here’s what each can look forward to:

  • The integrator. The company or owner who builds the integration into their website or product benefits by adding the value of exceptional signing to their platform or workflow. Embedded electronic signing has proven to be a huge selling point for companies and adds huge value to any platform or workflow. Just ask Brokermint. They increased their sales conversion rate by 73% after integrating the Dropbox Sign API.
  • The user. The customer who uses embedded requesting to upload a document, format it, and send it out for signature benefits from a seamless document management experience. They don’t have to fuss with different applications or navigate to different tabs.
  • The signer. The signer of the document benefits from the easy online signing flow. They simply receive the prepared document in their email account, fill it out,  and sign it in a few clicks. Then they automatically receive a saved copy of the completed document.

Real Examples of Embedded Requesting

Companies like the Global recruitment platform JobAdder use embedded requesting to great effect. They’ve been able to increase the value of the platform and help make their customers awesome in the process! Read more about


Interested in learning how you can embed requesting? Check out our

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