How to turbo-charge your CRM with eSignatures (and why it’s the key to growth)

Cory Shrecengost
November 23, 2022
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Is your CRM doing enough to help you sell?

Research shows that sales teams are only fortunate enough to spend about 39% of their day making sales. The rest gets eaten up by miscellaneous admin duties and other tasks, including drafting up contracts, sending documents, and chasing down signatures from clients.

But with the dynamic combination of a robust CRM and the efficiency of eSignatures, you can help you sales team get time-stealing tasks off their plates and get back to doing what they do best.

Here’s how.

Templates for faster contract preparation

When it comes to contracts, templates are your best friends.

Think about it—if you can create templates for your most frequently used contracts and agreements, you'll save a lot of time when it comes time to prepare them, especially with high-volume sends.

Dropbox Sign makes the process simple with your CRM integration: just upload the document, choose your signer, drag-and-drop signature fields, and save your new template to be used as often as you need.

Now, instead of having to manually prep a document in twenty different ways, most of the work is already done with the template. Plus, you'll know that your contracts are always properly formatted, which means no lapses in brand consistency or design.

Auto-fill contracts with CRM contact information

While data entry is an important task, it’s not necessarily a very exciting one, especially when it comes to contracts. It’s also not a task that your sales team should be burdened with when they should be out, well, making sales.

Fortunately, eSignature CRM integrations get rid of most of the manual work.

When you create a new contract with Dropbox Sign, you can select a contact from your CRM and automatically populate contract fields with the contact information from your database. This way, you don't have to waste time typing or pasting in all the details, and you're guaranteed that the information is up-to-date and accurate. This means more time spent closing deals and a more streamlined contracting process for your customers.

Send contracts for signature directly from your CRM

Exporting contracts from one platform, sending those contracts to clients on another platform, and then keeping track of each send all sounds a bit messy.

And it’s also totally unnecessary.

Wouldn’t it be nice if your team could go into your CRM, find a contact, and quickly send off a document for signature within minutes? They can with eSignature integration.

By sending contracts directly from your CRM, you make the process of requesting signatures straightforward and centralized, saving time and reducing errors.

Real-time signing statuses directly in your CRM

After sending a contract out for signature, you likely face two main challenges: keeping track of the signature status and following up with incomplete signature requests.

Dropbox Sign CRM integrations like for Hubspot and for Salesforce provide a way to easily find out in real-time which signing stage a document is in and even get alerts as soon as the document is signed, allowing your team to stay up to speed at all times.

But how about the issue of the follow-up? Sure, your team knows that they need to send a certain amount of reminders when they don’t get a response, but wouldn’t it be much easier to both save efforts and ensure those follow-ups get sent by automating the process?

With Dropbox Sign, you can send automatic reminders three and seven days out by default, but you can also adjust these follow-up requests according to whichever frequency you prefer.

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Automatic contract storage

The contract is signed, you’ve closed a deal, you take a moment to celebrate, and then you’re off to the next sale.

But the contract process shouldn’t end after getting a signature. Effective contract storage post-sale is just as crucial.

There’s simply too much room for error and disorganization when contracts are left to sit in email threads, miscellaneous folders on someone’s computer, or in an old filing cabinet. The last thing you want is your team to waste precious time and energy aimlessly fishing for contracts, or worse, lose important documents.

You can avoid this by using Dropbox Sign to help you develop a more simplified and secure contract management system. Integrate Dropbox Sign with your preferred storage tool to automatically store signed contracts as soon as they’re completed, saving you the hassle of missing contracts and wasted time on admin.

How integrating eSignatures helped Symphonic automate 400+ document requests every month

Hailing from Florida is Symphonic, an independent music distribution platform that’s been helping artists release music since 2006.

With their variety of services, which include music and video distribution, royalty collection, and marketing, there’s a lot of important document handling that takes place.

What were the challenges?

Preparing contracts and signing new artists at high volume.

Scanning contracts, emailing PDFs, and signing in person felt cumbersome and ancient in comparison the digital nature of the music world or with their clients’ expectations. They needed a fix that would speed up the process of signing for their artists and integrate seamlessly with their established systems.

So, they turned to Dropbox Sign for a solution.

The results?

  • They successfully automated over 400 document requests/month
  • They saved time on preparing documents with 60+ Dropbox Sign templates at their disposal
  • They smoothly integrated eSignatures into the CRM their team was already using—HubSpot
  • They were able to provide an overall faster and more effective signing experience to their clients

Level up your sales with an eSignature CRM integration

Combining your CRM with the power of eSignatures means you can easily templatize your documents, send contracts, gather signatures, and do much more all in one place.

Plus, with Dropbox Sign, you can connect your integration in less than a minute and be well on your way to improving customer service and getting more done in less time.

Ready to take your CRM to the next level?

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