The HubSpot + Dropbox Sign Integration

Jasmine Castro-Torres
May 18, 2015
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Dropbox Sign and HubSpot

Nytt utseende, samme flotte produkt! HelloSign er nå Dropbox Sign.

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Wahoo! Dropbox Sign is excited to announce our partnership with HubSpot, the world’s leading marketing and sales platform.

This partnership – which integrates Dropbox Sign eSignatures into the HubSpot CRM – enables businesses and sales teams to work more efficiently in their CRM and close contracts even faster. 

The HubSpot + Dropbox Sign integration allows HubSpot CRM users to track the signature status of any Dropbox Sign document connected to a HubSpot contact or lead, organize info according to a document's lifecycle event, autofill documents using Dropbox Sign templates, send signature requests from the HubSpot CRM and more! 

Read on to learn more or go directly to the FAQ to set up the integration.

Features of the Dropbox Sign + HubSpot Integration

Having eSignature activity available in HubSpot CRM gives users access to the critical information they need to manage business contract cycles and business relationships more effectively. 

The Dropbox Sign + HubSpot integration enables users to:

  • See when a contact has viewed, opened, or signed a document sent to them through HelloSign
  • Use HelloSign templates to autofill frequently used documents with contact information such as “Name”, “Address”, “Phone Number” and more. Visit here for our step-by-step guide to setting up this function
  • Request signatures directly in the HubSpot CRM
  • Filter signing activity associated with a contact to surface HelloSign document events
  • Download a PDF copy of signed or completed documents in the HubSpot CRM

For example, if Mary Salesperson is using HubSpot CRM and wants to check whether the contract she sent through Dropbox Sign has been signed by Johnny Lead, she can simply filter his timeline in HubSpot CRM to show Dropbox Sign activity. 

By doing this, Mary Salesperson will be able to track whether or not Johnny Lead has viewed, opened, or signed a contract through Dropbox Sign. 

Mary Salesperson can also send autofilled contracts to Johnny Lead using Dropbox Sign templates. This makes it simpler for Johnny Lead to fill complicated paperwork and easier for Mary Salesperson to streamline the sales cycle.

Setting Up the Dropbox Sign + HubSpot Integration

To set up the HubSpot integration from your HelloSign account, HelloSign users can simply visit the settings page in their HelloSign account, select “Integrations” and then click the “Activate” button that correlates with HubSpot.

Note: Current users who have already activated the V1 integration will need to deactivate and reactivate the integration in order see the latest updates and enjoy all the newest features of the HubSpot integration.

Once you “Activate” the integration, a popup window will open and you’ll be prompted to enter your HubSpot ID. You’ll then be prompted to authorize HubSpot to sync HelloSign data.

Following authentication, you can log in to your HubSpot CRM and click on the “Contacts” tab to view HelloSign activity.

Users have the ability to customize information they’d like to view about their contacts via the “Manage Columns” feature in HubSpot CRM. To learn more about how to organize your contacts, visit our ZenDesk page.

Shrink the Sales Cycle by Tracking Dropbox Sign eSignatures in Your HubSpot CRM

Did you know that eSignatures contribute to stronger sales outcomes?

An Aberdeen Group study conducted earlier this year reported that companies using eSignatures during their sales process saw:

  • 6.4% annual improvement in customer retention among eSignature users, compared to a 1.3% decrease among non-adopters
  • 9.9% year-over-year increase in annual corporate revenue compared to a 7% increase in companies that don’t use eSignatures
  • 5.7% year-over-year increase in lead conversion rate compared with a 0.6% decrease in companies that don’t use eSignatures

Like HubSpot, HelloSign’s priority is to make complicated workflows easier for our users through an user-friendly and powerful design. We’re thrilled to strengthen our integration and automate the workflow further with features like reusable templates and merge fields.

For more detailed instructions on how to get the integration set up, visit our tutorial here.  

And as always, if you have questions drop us a line at We’re happy to help!  


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