How do the HubSpot eSignature integrations stack up for small businesses?

Janice Yau
August 18, 2022
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eSignature integrations are a great way to help growing sales teams close more deals faster directly from HubSpot. The right HubSpot eSignature integration can help you create, sign, track, and save documents for signature directly in the CRM.

A HubSpot eSignature integration can be a game-changer, and give your teams a leg up on the competition by streamlining your sales process, keeping you organized, and allowing you to work more efficiently. But with so many on the market—each with different prices, features, and functionality—how can you decide which one is right for you?

Thankfully, we’ve narrowed it down to the top three HubSpot eSignature providers:

  1. Dropbox Sign 4000+ HubSpot installs
  2. PandaDoc 10000+ HubSpot installs
  3. DocuSign 3500+ HubSpot installs

So, let’s look at how these key players stack up for small businesses and explore what they can do to improve your sales workflows in HubSpot.


DocuSign is a well-established eSignature provider. Its HubSpot eSignature integration lets users create, send, and track DocuSign agreements directly from HubSpot, giving sales users better visibility into where a deal or contact actually sits along their customer journey.


$10- $40 a month/per user

DocuSign’s pricing starts at $10/month for individual users, $25/month for its Standard Plan, and $40/month for Business Pro, with custom pricing available for its Advanced solutions. The platform also offers a 30-day free trial across each of its tiers, so users can try out its functionality before they purchase a plan.

With DocuSign’s pricing structure, costs can increase substantially as you pay per signature request, and more for additional users, which isn’t ideal for growing businesses that need ongoing support.

Key features

  • Customize and send DocuSign envelopes from HubSpot
  • Envelope tracking across the entire lifecycle
  • Contact based workflows


DocuSign’s HubSpot eSignature integration is a solid choice for larger enterprise companies. Its number of features and workflow functionality can be more cumbersome than others to set up, but once in place these extras help to eliminate a lot of the friction associated with tracking contract and deal activity across the sales lifecycle.

It also communicates with other apps and can trigger automation across different platforms—which is useful, especially if your sales teams are working across multiple tools.

However, DocuSign charges customers per signature request which can make it hard to accurately forecast costs. It also lacks custom merge fields, automatic reminders, and the ability to cancel signature requests, all of which can be frustrating and time-consuming.


PandaDoc is an all-in-one document automation software provider. Teams use the platform to manage the creation, editing, and signing of documents as part of their sales workflows.


$49-$89 a month/per user

Starting at twice the price of the other integrations, PandaDoc’s users need a minimum Business plan starting at $49/month to access features like templates, workflows, and merge fields within the integration. Although they do offer a free version, it’s fairly limited, only allowing users to link documents and add signatures.


  • Build proposals, quotes, and contracts within HubSpot
  • Automatically pulls data and properties into documents
  • Live document tracking with email alerts
  • A suite of customizable workflow features


PandaDoc’s integration has lots of useful features that enable a complete document generation workflow within HubSpot. While it’s the most feature-rich offering, its premium price point can be a turn-off for smaller businesses with lower budgets.

If you’re just looking to send eSignatures out and add a simple signing workflow to HubSpot, then its extensive feature set can get in the way—and will require a bit of fiddling around and fine-tuning to get right.

Still, if you’re a large business that has the time to play around with the integration until you find what works for you, then PandaDoc is a solid option with some impressive features to boot.

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Dropbox Sign

Dropbox Sign offers a complete, user-friendly eSignature and workflow management platform. The Dropbox Sign integration for HubSpot is purpose-built for sales teams, offering a simple but effective solution to speed up sales and reduce manual work.


$15 - $25 a month

Dropbox Sign is among the cheaper of the three options, offering a free basic plan with monthly use limitations, an Essentials plan for $15/month, and a Standard plan for $25/month. The provider also offers a 30-day free trial for all plans.


  • Send a contract from Contact, Deal, and Company properties
  • Create and edit reusable document templates in HubSpot
  • Auto-fill data from HubSpot properties into templates
  • Send documents out for signature in a few clicks
  • Tracking of all document activity with live notifications
  • Documents are automatically saved back to Hubspot after they’re signed
  • Send reminders and cancellations for pending signatures


With affordable pricing, unlimited signature requests, intuitive workflow options, and a simple but effective feature set, Dropbox Sign's integration is a solid choice for most small businesses.

While it doesn’t have full document generation workflows like PandaDoc, its focus on ease of use makes it the most intuitive integration to set up and get started with.

The final verdict: Who comes out on top?

Every HubSpot sales integration we’ve looked at is a valid choice, and whichever one you end up using will depend on the size of your company, your goals, and your expectations.

For smaller businesses, Dropbox Sign’s HubSpot integration is the best of the bunch. Its affordable price point, simplicity, and intuitive workflow options put it above the rest. For sales teams, it’s easy to set up and connect straight away, which means reps can start enjoying the benefits without a costly or time-consuming learning curve.

If you’re ready to experience our new and improved Dropbox Sign for HubSpot integration, try it today! If you’re on an existing Dropbox Sign paid plan, visit our Marketplace listing to install the integration today.

Dropbox Sign: The best pick for small businesses

The Dropbox Sign integration for HubSpot is just one of the ways Dropbox Sign helps sales teams stay organized, work more effectively, and close deals faster.

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