A deep dive into the state of eSignature in European markets

Janice Yau
September 17, 2021
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European companies are moving quicker than ever towards digital transformation. The increase of remote work and businesses operating in compliance with Covid-19 regulations has accelerated the need for eSignature. In a world where meeting in person and going into the office is no longer required, eSignature is a vital tool for working more efficiently.

With a rapid and significant increase of businesses adopting eSignature, many face a less than ideal experience with their signing workflows. And there are still improvements you can choose to make regarding workflows, integrations and ultimately which solution is right for your business.

New research from IDG Research Services, dedicated to the mid-sized businesses in the UK, Spanish, German and French markets, shed light on the widening gap between the expectations and the delivery of their current eSignature solutions.

IDG surveyed 60 non-Dropbox Sign customers in each market to build insights and reports in those specific countries. The company demographics included businesses with 100–1,500 employees operating in higher education, retail, construction, media, professional services and banking. The survey respondents mainly consisted of CTOs, CIOs, IT Managers and Directors who are already familiar with eSignature workflows at their work and can speak from the experience with their current solution.

Notable Findings

  • The main use case for electronic signature in Europe is transactional, driven by the need to accelerate workflows for agreements such as loan applications, HR documents and sales contracts
  • Companies are rapidly adopting eSignature because they need to transition to remote work due to Covid-19 health regulations
  • The rationale for eSignature implementation is often based on one single (initial) requirement, rather than a broader audit of business needs, which can mean overlooking where the technology could add even greater value to the business.
  • Previously missed and evolving requirements often means the current solution in place does not meet the needs of the business.
  • Companies are more inclined to adopt eSignature due to security needs and protect against fraud

Discover all the research findings regarding detailed recommendations on how companies can get the eSignature solution they expect and need by downloading the country-specific report below.

For more learnings, listen to the webinar where industry experts provide their analysis and comments on the IDG report.


64% of the UK companies surveyed aim at accelerating their digital transformation. However, a poor end-user experience is slowing it down in the same proportion (64%). Additionally, 69% of UK companies intend to streamline their workflows. However, in 81% of cases, the current tool does not adapt to their internal procedures.

Download the full report on the UK

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