Multi-Teams for Dropbox Sign

Seiyonne Suriyakumar
September 18, 2019
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Nouveau look, mais toujours le même produit d'exception ! HelloSign s'appelle maintenant Dropbox Sign.

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IT leaders today have a challenging task: support and enable the sharing of information that teams demand while providing the right level of security and privacy for the broader organization. Striking the right balance on these priorities is even more complicated when dealing with sensitive content like job offers, terminations, or settlement agreements. When our customers came to us with this challenge, we knew there had to be a way to keep teams efficient and agile while protecting sensitive information. So, we created Multi-teams.

Multi-teams combines an advanced set of administrative controls whereby team members can be assigned to specific teams each with their own levels of document visibility and control. Multi-teams allows organizations to deploy Dropbox Sign throughout their organization while ensuring teams like HR and Legal can control viewing and sharing of sensitive documents. Additionally, organization administrators now have a single point of control, with the Dropbox Sign Admin Console. Here, admins can create, expand, and support multiple teams within a single organization. Below is an example of how a company could choose to structure their sales organization within Dropbox Sign.

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In the above example, Wally has set up several teams for his chocolate factory. While all teams ultimately roll up to his organization, EMEA Sales and NA Sales are both sub-teams that roll up to Global Sales. This ensures that NA and EMEA teams have their own sets of templates, documents, and users only viewable to their team. Only the top-level organization will have visibility into each sub-team for governance and security. While a simple illustrative example, we see this implemented across customer organizations to a deeper degree.

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Multi-teams gives IT administrators the control and security they need while giving teams the flexibly they want over their documents. For more information, or for a demo, get in touch with our sales team. Contact Sales

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