Introducing Dropbox Sign for Salesforce V2

Mark Brazinski
January 12, 2017
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Introducing Dropbox Sign for Salesforce V2
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Nouveau look, mais toujours le même produit d'exception ! HelloSign s'appelle maintenant Dropbox Sign.

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I have always believed in putting the users first, and making their lives easier so they can focus on doing meaningful work and not cumbersome antiquated processes. As the Senior Product Manager, I am thrilled to continue to serve Dropbox Sign's users with the release of our Dropbox Sign for Salesforce V2 integration.

Dropbox Sign for Salesforce V2

When we built our initial version of our Salesforce integration we had three goals in mind:

  1. We had to build something that would pass the Salesforce Security Review to make us a viable vendor on the AppExchange.
  2. We wanted our first version to be able to send one off document, send templates, and create templates with a world class user experience
  3. We sought to forge strong relationships with end users to get candid and authentic feedback on our product to see what else could be done to make our users more successful.

The people have spoken and it is the feedback from our users that drove the need for this next Salesforce release.

What’s New in V2

There is never a shortage of ideas to build into a product, but after garnering user feedback the scope was narrowed to a few areas. These were: 


Our users asked for a better way to understand their signature data such as “How do I know how many signatures are not fully signed?” or “How many NDA’s got sent this quarter?”. 

To make this possible, we made some changes to how our app routes that data in Salesforce. Instead of putting everything into "Notes and Attachments," we created our own related list called “Dropbox Sign Signature Requests” and a child called “Dropbox Sign Signature Request Details." 

These will collectively capture more granular signature request data and signature event data. The signature data can now be used in Salesforce reports for a holistic understanding of your business.

More Seamless Workflows 

Another ask from users was “Can I send a signature from Notes and Attachments and not just my local machine?” and “How can I use your app with document generation tools like Drawloop or Conga?”. 

To work better in the Salesforce ecosystem we enabled the ability to send one off documents from either your local machine or from notes and attachments. We enabled the use of “Text Tags” to synergize your document generation tool with Dropbox Sign. A "Text Tag" is a set of characters you would put in your document generation tool template. When the document is sent as a one time document, that text will get replaced with Dropbox Sign signer elements like signature blocks and date fields. 

This means you can generate in a Drawloop or Conga, and then send it for signature with Dropbox Sign without any document preparation.

How to Set Up the New Integration

Dropbox Sign for Salesforce is available for any of our Enterprise customers. To enable our app in your Salesforce Enterprise or Unlimited Edition, your Salesforce administrator should download our package into your org right from the AppExchange. From there it is a one click connect right from the settings page within Salesforce. 

As I end this post, I need to thank our early adopters, our first users on Salesforce that were able to provide that candid feedback to shape the future of this product. This practice will continue to drive the growth of this product, continue to expand what it means to have frictionless agreements on Salesforce and continue to make our user awesome.

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