Need to hire fast? Here’s how Dropbox Sign helps

Cory Shrecengost
May 19, 2022
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Need to hire fast? Here’s how Dropbox Sign helps editorial illustration
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Finding the right talent is the number-one challenge for HR teams worldwide.

While many employees delayed changing jobs during the first waves of the pandemic, now 55% of American workers say they are likely to move jobs in the next 12 months.

And that’s not a good sign for hiring teams who are already struggling in a labor market that had 10.6 million job openings but only 6.9 million unemployed individuals at the close of November 2021.

“In the US, the market is frenzied like I've never seen before. Saying it's challenging or difficult to hire doesn't do it justice. It is something unlike we've ever seen and competitiveness is a big part of it.” — Ben Eubanks, HR Analyst

But while you may not be able to control the labor market, you can optimize your hiring processes so when the right candidates do come along, you can get them on board fast.

With legally binding eSignatures and built-in document management capabilities, here’s how to hire employees fast when the right candidates come along with Dropbox Sign:

Streamline the paperwork

While you might be aware of the functionality of an eSignature, one of the biggest time-saving features for HR teams is the ability to create templates for your portfolio of recruitment forms. From NDAs, background-check permissions, and W9s to offer letters and job contracts, Dropbox Sign helps you create an easy-to-access library of forms where only custom details like names or salary are needed.

This vastly reduces the manual work involved in copying and pasting information between systems for every piece of paperwork—plus it reduces the chance of errors creeping in from double handling information. The legal team will love it too because they only need to review the master documents, rather than each new draft!

Manage high-volume recruitment better

If you’re requesting signatures from a large group of signers, you can bulk-send in batches of up to 250, rather than requesting signatures individually. Built-in tracking and reminders will help you monitor the progress of each request, and make sure you and your applicants sign promptly.

Hiring and onboarding expert Greenhouse uses Dropbox Sign to help its 4000+ clients onboard new hires—from job acceptance, through those critical first few months in a new position. The Dropbox Sign API handles more than 10,000 signature requests a month, streamlining the recruitment process and freeing up HR teams to focus on giving their new employees a great start.

Sign up new hires quicker

A majority of job hunters are searching for jobs online and applying via a mobile phone or tablet. If your application process requires forms to be printed out, filled in, scanned, and emailed back, you’re not creating a great candidate experience. If a competitor’s application process is faster and simpler, you may miss out on top talent.

Dropbox Sign is a mobile-first solution that doesn’t require an applicant to have their own Dropbox Sign account, so there’s no barrier to completing application forms or signing job contracts.

Completion rates for digital contracts across the board are 26% higher than with paper-based contracts, and they’re signed up to 80% faster.

Instacart—a service that provides personal grocery shoppers—uses Dropbox Sign to hire its new contractors. After frustrations with a paper-based hiring process, the company decided to move to a mobile-first hiring and onboarding process.

“Under the legacy system, processing paperwork took our team at least 3-5 minutes per shopper. Dropbox Works saved the Instacart team 50+ hours per week,” says Bill Babeaux, Product Manager at Instacart.

But the speed increases don’t stop there. If multiple people need to sign the same document—which is typical of job contracts—you can set a signer order. That ensures that if a manager, legal, or your CEO needs to see the final version, everyone else signs first and you don’t waste their time and yours chasing down signatures.

Plus, if you need to change contract terms during negotiations with a candidate, you can make the changes digitally and send back the amended offer or contract straight away, so you won’t need to push back start dates or—worse still—lose talent to another company that can respond quicker.

Make hiring about people, not admin

Dropbox Sign could be the game-changer for your HR team: automating low-value admin work to make time for greater focus on employee retention and engagement.

Try out Dropbox Sign free today.

Or, to find out more about how you can use eSignatures to optimize your end-to-end hiring process, take a look at our latest e-guide, Antidotes to slow hiring for time-starved HR managers and teams

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