Dropbox Sign Outranks DocuSign® and Adobe Sign® for Ease of Implementation in G2 Crowd Summer Reports 2018

Claire Murdough
August 14, 2018
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Dropbox Sign Ranks #1 for Ease of Implementation
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Nouveau look, mais toujours le même produit d'exception ! HelloSign s'appelle maintenant Dropbox Sign.

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Halfway through 2018 and this has already been a record year for Dropbox Sign! Building on our success from last year, we’ve once again been recognized by G2 Crowd as a Leader in the eSignature market.

G2 Crowd is the world’s leading software review platform, making this a particularly exciting win. All G2 reviews come straight from our install base of 6M global users and we’re proud to see validation that we’re serving our customers so well.

G2 Crowd User Review NPS

Download the G2 Summer 2018 eSignature Grid here.

Against companies that are much bigger (we see you, DocuSign) and that have been around much longer, we’ve grown from being the #1 ranked player in eight categories late last year to being the #1 ranked player across 14 categories, including:

G2 Crowd also ranked Dropbox Sign as the #1 out of all eSignature Leaders for “Most Implementable Software” – again!”

So why have we been able to outperform companies with more resources, people, and money? Why is David beating Goliath?

Our Not-So-Secret Sauce

Our position as a leader boils down to a single, pretty simple mantra: make our users awesome. And to be honest, the best way to highlight that isn’t to brag about the cool features we’ve added or the infrastructure improvements we’ve made; it’s to highlight all the things our customers have been able to accomplish with our API.

Things like:

  • Achieving a 3x reduction in all owner/renter disputes with a transparent audit trail for every rental (RVshare)
  • Reducing contractor onboarding time by 270% (Instacart)
  • Enabling students to easily apply for high-ROI loans via an innovative new student financing model (ClimbCredit)
  • Streamlining the fundraising and investment process using (FrontFundr)

Building a great API isn’t something that one decides on lightly; it takes ongoing dedication and a focus on the long-term success of users. Twillio’s CEO Jeff Lawson said it best: “A great API isn’t a strategy...it is a long-term commitment.”

Our long-term goal when creating the API was to build something that could be embedded into a customer’s existing flow without too much effort, while giving them as much flexibility as possible. After all, businesses today are continually striving to give their customers a more fluid, seamless experience, rather than the confusing and unintegrated experiences of the past. We’re happy to say we’ve been building and improving the Dropbox Sign API from the very beginning, and we're thrilled to see our customer's results.

Ready to Simplify Work? So Are We

We’ve got big dreams for how the world conducts business, and every day we get closer to making that dream a reality. If you are like us and hate manual paperwork, onerous document management, and living in a world of the PDF, then join us on the journey as we streamline how business gets done.

Check out Dropbox Sign, Dropbox Sign API, and Dropbox Forms to explore your options.

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