4 ways HelloSign can help HR teams speed up onboarding

A slow, clunky onboarding experience can leave your new hires frustrated and less than likely to stick around long-term.

Unfortunately, this is because HR teams are often burdened with disjointed tools, excessive paperwork, and complex processes.

eSignature technology is the key to speeding up onboarding and providing a great experience for employers and employees.

Learn how eSignatures can help you create a simple, fully-integrated onboarding experience at your business.

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In this Infographic

In this Infographic

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How can I speed up the onboarding process?

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Use an open API that’s designed to fit seamlessly into your existing onboarding process.

Why should I use onboarding templates?

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Customizable templates paired with a batch-send functionality means you can provide all the documentation new starters need to fill out.

What documents will new employees need?

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Typically as part of the onboarding process employees can sign contracts, 1099s, W-2s, W-9s and NDAs.

How can my company stand out in the onboarding process?

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Improve contract completion rates with mobile-friendly forms. Dropbox Forms is designed for mobile and pre-populates data into forms.