Send Quotes for Signature Seamlessly with the Dropbox Sign for Oracle CPQ Integration

Aron Solberg
January 23, 2019
Send Quotes for Signature Seamlessly with the Dropbox Sign for Oracle CPQ Integration

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We’re extremely excited to announce our new “Dropbox Sign for Oracle CPQ” integration. Now users of Dropbox Sign and Oracle can quickly and easily send quotes out for signature directly from within the Oracle ecosystem.

This integration provides our customers with yet another opportunity to leverage Dropbox Sign’s legally binding signatures in the tools and platforms they use most. Dropbox Sign for Oracle CPQ joins the ranks of integrations like Dropbox Sign for Oracle Documents Cloud, Dropbox Sign for Salesforce and Dropbox Sign for Salesforce CPQ integrations.

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It Was High Time for a Better Way to Sign Quotes in Oracle

Many quotes require a legally binding signature to finalize the workflow. But up until now, there have been very few options to sign quotes online in Oracle that are both intuitive and powerful.

We wanted to change that.

The Dropbox Sign integration for Oracle CPQ allows users to seamlessly – in a few easy clicks – send a complex quote with eSignature blocks to signers for review and signature. The integration is geared towards Enterprise sales teams who are using Oracle technology, though any existing customers using Oracle CPQ may find this integration useful.

Why Use Dropbox Sign for Oracle CPQ? Let Us Count the Ways

Sending a quote within Oracle CPQ is a critical part of any seller’s closing motion. Getting a legally binding signature on that quote should be a seamless element of that workflow. When we built the Dropbox Sign for Oracle CPQ, we wanted to give sellers exactly that power without breaking their groove.

Here are just a few benefits of the Dropbox Sign for Oracle CPQ integration:

  • Seamless signing within Oracle. This integration is native with Oracle’s doc gen platform promising uninterrupted workflows for senders.
  • Custom signature requests. Easily create ordered or unordered signature requests; enable a single or a multi-signer signature request.
  • Simple and fast setup and provisioning for admins. Get up and running in minutes with a package that’s set up for speed and ease-of-use for CPQ admins.
  • Streamline sending to just a few clicks. Default signer fields (name and email) can be configured to be sent automatically when the signature request is sent.
  • Useful & in-depth overview of quote status. Get status updates when the document is viewed, signed by one participant, signed by all participants, and more.
  • Simple syncing for documents. Final signed documents automatically synced back to Oracle CPQ.
  • Free to test. Easy free trial in test mode with no paid plan required.

Getting Started with the Integration

We offer a test mode to demo and try the integration – no paid plan required! And when you’re ready the set-up is fast and comes with a CPQ template included. Contact us to learn more.

We hope you love the Dropbox Sign for Oracle CPQ integration as much as we loved building it. As always, thanks for your support and happy signing!


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