Fountain Transforms High Volume Hiring in 78 Countries Around the World

Fountain’s all-in-one high volume hiring platform empowers the world’s leading brands to streamline and scale their recruiting function. The mobile-first platform keeps candidates engaged, and moves quality talent through the pipeline, reducing time to fill. Fountain enables employers globally to make data-driven decisions and attract the best candidates.

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How Fountain uses HelloSign API

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Growth in markets served achieved by largest client in less than a year

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Applicants hired monthly through Fountain

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‍Launched: 2014
Headquarter: San Francisco
Nearly 1 Million: Applicants served per month
164,000: Hires facilitated per month on average

A deeper dive with Fountain


Document signing is a major part of hiring and onboarding new employees, from employment contracts to tax forms to confidentiality agreements. In the digital age, making these documents available needs to be as easy as applying for a job, which today can be done with a few swipes on a Smartphone. A mobile-first eSignature platform can enable employers to streamline and simplify this step, and quickly move candidates through the hiring process. 

Some eSignature services redirect candidates away from the employer’s platform to a third-party signature platform, a process that may involve emailing a separate link to candidates to open a new browser window, and a branded experience on behalf of the eSignature service, not the employer. This can cause confusion and extra work during the application stage, and can even lead to higher-than-average application abandonment rates.

To remove these barriers and offer customers a more tech-friendly solution to match the abilities and lifestyles of today’s hourly workforce, high volume hiring platform Fountain sought an eSignature API that could be seamlessly integrated into a mobile-first platform, and allow companies to connect to talent pools—and essentially hire—faster.

“At Fountain, we strive to provide a seamless branded experience across corporate sites and customized job directories. Automated document signing supports this, allowing candidates to apply for jobs on the go and move swiftly to be hired.”

- Sean Behr
CEO of Fountain.

Fountain partnered with eSignature service HelloSign to integrate document signing into its suite of automated high volume recruiting tasks.

HelloSign’s compatible API effortlessly integrates with Fountain’s mobile-first platform. As applicants complete digital applications, the document signature step pops up automatically and applicants can sign with their finger anytime, anywhere.

Adding the HelloSign eSignature functionality to Fountain’s all-in-one hiring platform helps simplify and accelerate the application process and allows Fountain customers to move quality talent through the pipeline faster.

“The document signing process with Fountain is seamless and makes the applicant registration process very easy,” said Zach Cohen, Operations Manager at Veho, a Fountain customer. “Without it, we would need to work with another party and figure out a way for applicants to get directed in/out of the Fountain funnel, which would be tedious and extra work.”


By integrating an eSignature functionality, applicants spend an average of 6 minutes signing documents, compared with an average of 43 minutes with other signature methods. Reducing the average time it takes to move through this stage ultimately reduces time to hire and time to fill.

This eSignature step also eliminates the need for applicants to toggle between two different interfaces or open new browsers to find and sign documents. Instead, they can furnish signatures in a cohesive application system, one that allows Fountain customers to maintain employer brand integrity, which can positively affect application completion rates. 

“At Fountain, we strive to provide a seamless branded experience across corporate sites and customized job directories,” said Sean Behr, CEO of Fountain. “Automated document signing supports this, allowing candidates to apply for jobs on the go and move swiftly to be hired.”

As part of the Fountain interface, HelloSign has been able to grow and scale in parallel, now processing more than 1 million applications per month.

Interested in Enjoying Results Like Fountain? Ask Us About HelloSign!

HelloSign is the easiest way to send, receive, and manage legally binding eSignatures for business. Learn about our industry-leading API by looking through our developer documentation or build and test for free by creating a free developer account. If you’d like help figuring out which HelloSign product is best for you, schedule a demo with Dropbox Sign's API team to see how we can streamline your business.

Interested in enjoying results like Fountain?
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