Dropbox Sign Go Paperless Hackathon

Angela Wong
August 1, 2022
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新しい名前でも変わらぬ高品質!HelloSign の名称が Dropbox Sign になりました。


TL;DR - Our inaugural hackathon is now live! “Go Paperless” is calling all developers to rethink legacy print, sign, and scan approval processes with the Dropbox Sign eSignature API. The event runs from August 1–September 26th—join now!

Go Paperless

It might come as a surprise, but many organizations around the world still depend on pen-and-paper signatures. The upside of digitizing agreement workflows is huge—along with less getting lost in the shuffle, it’s way more cost efficient and unlocks the potential for businesses to scale. So that’s why we’re excited to collectively innovate—and it doesn’t hurt that we get to save a few trees while we’re at it.

Use your creativity to identify opportunities where having eSign capabilities can create value for your users. Our SDKs—available across Python, Ruby, PHP, Java, NodeJS, and C#.NET—will help get your projects up and running in a flash. This hackathon is open to individuals and teams alike.


There’s a total of $30,000 in prizes, along with chances to get featured in a Developer Spotlight on the Dropbox Sign technical blog and meet with Dropbox product leaders including the founder, Drew Houston. Here are the categories:

  • Grand Prize - A clear standout with an original use case and ambitious implementation
  • Category 1: Most Creative - A creative and original idea with the ability to disrupt the way digital approval workflows are done
  • Category 2: Hottest Tech - Best use of the Dropbox Sign API with emerging technologies (JAMstack, serverless, AI/ML, etc.)
  • Category 3: Best Business Value - An application that is serious about creating value for businesses and helping them grow
  • Category 4: Better Together - An application that showcases the value of using the Dropbox Sign API with Dropbox Forms

We’ll also be awarding up to 6 participants who submit valuable feedback that can improve our product or the documentation.


Drew Houston, CEO and Dropbox Founder

Debbie Dunnam, Chief Commercial Officer

Kelash Kumar, VP, Product - Dropbox Sign

Dropbox Sign API Product Team

Following the submission period, winners will be announced October 18th on the Dev Post official Hackathon page.

Visit our DevPost project page to learn more about how to participate - happy hacking!


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